My Top 80 Anime Of All Time #78: Pokémon: Indigo League

#78: Pokémon: Indigo League

For me and still today the first season of pokemon is still the best, i have rewatched since i first saw it, when i first watched it I was a kid in school and before I would go to school I would watch Pokémon. Pokémon is something I still love to this day and when I rewatched it as a adult I still loved it. As an adult I saw how annoying ash was. It was still great watching it, so many memories from watching it.

Why I love this anime and why it is on this is the moments the first season has. From seeing when Pikachu first meets ash and you see that relationship or when you see how bad charmander gets treated. this anime really how some sad and touching moments. But there is all the pokemon battles which were amazing and were the highlight as a kid but as a adult i rather the touching moments in this anime. Also there were some really amazing and why its on this list. Also that opening song is still one of the best opening songs.

I havent watched ever season of pokemon some i have tried and just couldn’t get into and others i just haven’t finished it and i dont think they should be on this list yet. To me the first season will always be special because it was one of the first anime’s i watched when i didn’t even know what anime was.


My Top 80 Anime Of All Time #79: Future Diary

#79 – Future Diary

When i got back into watching anime again i was watching stuff that looked interested on streaming services and i came across the future diary and it sounded interesting. Then i watched and became a fan straight after watching it and thats because of the out there crazy characters. Like yuno who is bat shit crazy and makes for such an interesting character to watch with an interesting plot with diaries on a phone and playing game to become a god. The only thing i didn’t like about this anime is the main character because at times he can be boring and not that interesting compared to the characters around him. Also this anime has a very interesting ending and i was not expecting it.

i really liked how each episode focused on one of the people who had one of these diary’s and how they a different from each other. The more you get into YUNO’s head the more crazy she is and thats why i love this anime and thats why its on this list.

My Top 80 Anime Of All Time #80: Your Name

#80 – Your Name

This movie got a lot of hype when it first came out and thats why i stayed away from it at first, so when they hyped died down and i watched it and i liked it. Since then i have seen it a 2nd time and it grew on me and it landed at 80 for me on my list. I really liked the relationships in the movie, the main characters are the most interesting characters in the movie and its take on body swapping was interesting.

The movie is beautiful to look at and just the locations they use are just amazing, it has a really interesting twist and i loved everything about the end of this movie. i still think it got overhyped but saying that i really like this movie a lot. Also the soundtrack is a highlight as well it just fits so well with this movie. i think the more i watch this movie the more i am going to enjoy it because after each watch i get something new after it. I really don’t have anything else to say about this movie.

Announcement: A Countdown To My Top 80 Anime Of All Time

Welcome to something different. Starting this week I’m going to countdown my top 80 anime of all time. Each week I’m going to try and have a post covering an anime from my top 80 anime. The goal is to have my top 80 post completed by the end of the year.

I took time putting together my top 80. The only rules had for my self was anime I hadn’t finished watching and anime that is currently airing as I post this are excluded.

Hope you stick around for this fun because I like doing lists like this and having a post talking about one anime at time means I write more about and be focused more about the anime. So this is a quick announcement post to give you a heads up. Also I will still have other posts going on with my blog so I’m just not doing my top 80 anime. You will have regular posts and the bonus top 80 anime of all time posts.

My top 80 anime of all time posts start now.


Yakuza 6 Demo Thoughts


I recently got a chance to play the yakuza 6 demo and at the time i’m still playing yakuza 0 and loving the hell out of it. I have been very excited for the new yakuza game and everything i have seen just looks amazing. So after playing the demo i can say its amazing, it shows off bit of the story which is very interesting and where it goes in the game is going to be interesting. The gameplay has improved a bit which i like, it feels like yakuza 0 which i am loving. Also love the modern UI with the game and controlling everything with a phone makes the game feel modern in its settings.

The introduction also does a great job of showing where we are in the yakuza story and with the characters. With the story about you trying to find a character who is close with you is a good set up. this game looks amazing on the ps4, everything looks improved which i am very happy about it. with it being a demo you don’t get much of what where it is going but there are some teases and it looks like its going to be very interesting.

I really liked this demo and it does a great job for people who might not have played the series so far. to fans it shows the changes and just makes us more excited for when the game comes out. i think the most impressive thing about the demo is how good the game is looking. It sucks yakuza is coming out so close to god of war but i’m just excited to play it and have a new yakuza game. Also if you got to play the full game because of the screwup good on you.

Monogatari: Starting with Bakemonogatari


So……….. i finally started the Monogatari series and i started with Bakemonogatari and this is a series i should have watched sooner. I didn’t know anything about the anime before watching it, the only thinks i knew was there was a cute girl with purple hair and some guy and everyone loved this series. So after watching it i can see why people love this series and i have only started. Im looking forward to watching the other seasons that make up monogatari. For me Bakemonogatari was a great introduction to a series about tales of gods and demons and i have become very invested into this anime.

I will say i loved the the art and animation, it was so interesting and has this bright look to it. Also the different screens with writing was cool to cut the anime up with. they is some very interesting creative thing in this anime and it makes me excited for the other seasons and hope things don’t change a lot in the anime.

Its funny i kinda was expecting this just to be a fan service anime which i am not the biggest fan of. The fan service in the anime wasn’t a turn off but added to the comedy to this anime which was interesting. But the characters and there relationships really made me love this anime. Senjougahara and Araragi, are the 2 main characters but are just some of the best characters in an anime. i just love there relationship and how itr forms and how you see them turn into lovers and seeing them interact in episode 12 which might be my favourite episode. its just a beautiful episode but just seeing these characters talk about there relationship was something i loved.

First season really sold me on this anime and i’m glad i took a chance on this anime and my goal in 2018 is getting around to watch all of the monogatari anime that has been released. I am already a fan of the characters and cant wait to see where they go and exploring these gods and demons. I hope the anime stays creative as this anime.


Gantz – Dark, Brutal and Disturbing Manga

So i recently read all of the manga Gantz and all i have to say after reading this manga just wowed me. Before reading it I knew a little bit about Gantz and I had seen Gantz:0 on Netflix and loved it. But after reading the manga I can say I really enjoyed the manga but I’m a fan of dark, fucked up stories that fits right up there for me.

Gantz is about people dying and ending up in room with other people and a black ball. It just gets more crazy and insane from there. First there is the art and just wow it has some amazing art. The aliens looks disgusting and amazing at the same time. The mangaka makes the aliens looks amazing, rank the art up there with berserk.

The story starts off with one mystery why is everyone in this room ? But each chapter or volume asks more questions like why are they killing these aliens ? Why do they have to wear these black suits, who is behind this ? And so on and that what makes you read more of this manga. The first arc is one of my favourite arcs in this manga. The story focuses on the main character who is this teenager who is thinking about sex and while killing aliens and trying to find out why they have to do this is also thinking about sex. You see a lot of sex and boobs (sometimes that is the focus). A lot of the cover chapters are just images of women from the manga with there boobs showing so you can see who this series is aimed for but saying that I still like this series. Because after a while the sex scenes die down.

At the end of the first arc there is this big massacre that reminds me of the red wedding from game of thrones. It’s amazing scene in the manga seeing all these character die around the main character and it’s fucked up. The arcs after the first arc are hit and miss for me but they still explore the main questions from the start which I like. But introducing new characters all the time hurts it. Also they bring in if someone dies they can be resurrected and it ruins death in the series. These characters who have died it destroys what they characters did while dying or what it meant but luckily they kill off the resurrection thing later on by the end.

They introduce vampires in this manga and this makes no sense and even thinking about it still makes no sense to me. They do kill a main character but anyone could have done that. These really are my only complaints about the manga.I really don’t have any big problems against this manga only just some little things.

The last arc might be my favourite arc in the whole manga, it is the end of the world and the people gantz have to save the world from these new kind of aliens the biggest threat they have ever faced and it really cool to read. I read this whole arc in one day that’s how much I loved it. You get to see how the aliens live and why they have come to earth and the destruction of earth but while everyone is trying to survive you have 2 plots going on. The Gantz team is trying to save the world and the main character trying to save his girlfriend. Also I love finding out there are all these other gantz teams all over the world. You see other teams that don’t give a fuck like they fuck these aliens it’s all kinds of fucked up.

Near the end you get the answers to these question that was asked at the start of this manga. At the end you meet this character that has many faces, one panel this character will have hitler as a face next the face will be some other famous person from history and so on. This person tell the characters from the manga the answers to these question but also tells how worthless humanity is. This character even shows how worthless they are in a very brutal scene. It’s a very interesting part of the plot.

I will say I really enjoyed gantz as the manga and I know there is anime and I don’t know if I will ever watch that. The manga for me goes into the darker and fucked up series that i enjoy. Even though the middle in mixed, the start and beginning arcs make up for that. This kinda reminds me of a sci fi version of berserk in some ways which I like and it reminds of the b list scifi/horror movies from the 80’s. It might go on for a  bit to long as well but I enjoyed my read through and it was an experience i wont forget anytime soon.