My Love For Berserk


So i read an article today about my favorite thing on earth Berserk and even though i liked some of the article a lot of it made me angry and i was going to to write a response to this article but it just made me to mad. So instead im going to write about my love of Berserk.

My love berserk started with watching the first Berserk movie and falling in love with it then i watched the other 2 movies which the end movie broke me a scene at the end of the third movie. Then i started reading the manga and thats where i was head over heels on love with this series. It the most amazing series in my eyes i have read, I had all the volumes and then i started buying random berserk stuff like cards, artbooks and soundtracks. Then i watched the anime series from the 90’s which i thought was just amazing and just made me love the world of berserk more but also nothing surprised me since i already read the manga. I have seen the 2016 anime series and i dont hate it as much as everyone, i enjoy it a lot but i can the problems it has but still am fan of it because we are getting past the golden age arc. Berserk is something i just love it really helped me get through a dark place that i wont go into details here.


So at the moment i am waiting for the game, new manga chapters, part 2 to the 2016 anime, the soundtrack to the 2016 anime and i would love to get some berserk staues or some posters to support a thing i love more. This is my love for Berserk and im sure its going to stay strong even when the series end or if it does.

See the thing i love about Berserk is the world how fucked up it is, to the character from Gut to see him deal with everything from Being raped as young boy, falling in love with casca, his best friend betraying him and raping the women he loves in front of him. To griffith going from this powerful leader to a person to betray everyone just to have his dream. Casca a strong warrior to someone falls for a guy that she hated at one stage to being so damaged she ant remember anyone. The awesome art in the manga, the great story, the awesome battle with guts and the themes of berserk. Berserk is one dark fantasy story and i love it.