My Top 10 Anime

since pokemon sun came out i havent had much time to write anything so i thought i would make a list on my top 10 anime.


10. Terror Of Resonance

– this is anime i only watched recently and i thought it was amazing that it made it on my list, for me this is everything i want in an anime a great story, interesting characters and an amazing soundtrack. the animation, art and colors all suit this anime and the story it tells just had me watching every episode not knowing what to expect.


9. Space Dandy

– So i clicked on this anime one day randomly and didn’t know what to expect but what i got was a really fun anime, one i was laughing because of the great writing but with the characters in what they gotten themselves up to. i loved the animation it felt like i was doing drugs and each episode just got better and better like the zombie episode being a highlight for me.

8. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

– I went into this anime with the hype people telling me that its amazing but after a few episodes i wasn’t really feeling it but after 6 or so episodes i started to love this anime i loved how over the top the characters were and the animation and Dio is just a great villain overall.

7. Death Note

– This was an anime i wanted to watch when i wasn’t even keeping up to sate with anime so when i got Netflix it was one of the first anime i watched on there and i just loved it like i knew i would i loved the story and the cat and mouse game L and Light play was just amazing. i even liked the 2nd part even though not many people like that part of Death Note.

6. Akira

– It was one of the first anime i ever watched without know what the hell was anime. I love akira its an awesome sci-fi story and one of the best anime movies out there. the changes from the manga are very interesting they make.

5. Your Lie In April

-the saddest anime i have watched it was amazing but just very sad to watch, them last couple of episodes killed me but i loved watching it. the music adds a lot to the anime but to the story, just incredible.

4. Berserk

– berserk is one of favorite things ever and the 90’s anime, the golden age arc movie and the recent anime series are all things i like and admit all of them have good things and bad things. the golden age arc movies are my fave adaption i think the movies tells the golden age movies the best and the last movie really got me, the eclipse stuff is so fucked up but i love berserk it made me feel so many thing while watching the movies.


– I watched this after a lot of people said this was great and once i knew people who worked on Evangelion worked on this i knew i was going to love this and i did. FLCL is so much fun and has some interesting characters but at the same time its just crazy also one of the best soundtracks.

2. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

-I watched the original anime and brotherhood back to back and oh my i became a big FMA fan and brotherhood become one of the best anime i have watched and i just loved the story but the relationship between the 2 brothers were awesome and something i loved watching even though this show was a lot of fun but it also had some sad moments.

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion

– After watching EVA i knew i was a anime fan, EVA was the first anime i watched week to week and i knew i couldn’t miss an episode. an anime that had great characters and amazing story which had big fucking robots but was more about the characters inside the robots and these characters were dealing with a lot of shit and i loved that. my favorite anime.