My Top 11 things of 2016

Its time to make a list of things i loved in 2016 since it was an interesting year i thought i would post this list here on my blog, these are in no order –

1. AMV’S

So in 2016 i rediscovered AMV’s and how good people can make them it started out with me watching some berserk ones and then i went to evangelion, and then i would just search for anime i was currently watching and find some awesome stuff. even found some good manga ones like goodnight punpun. so it was really good to re find AMV’s and one of the highlights for me.

also here are some ones to check out

2. Goodnight punpun and inio Asano

One of the best Manga’s i read in 2016 was goodnight punpun, this story spoke to me and i just thought it was amazing. it is a dark story but i can relate to a lot in the story but also the characters like his uncle. But the creator Inio Asano is also someone who i just went through his books in 2016 like a girl on the shore and Solanin and so many more but he became a faves of mine and someone who i just read now because i just love his stuff but goodnight punpun for me his his standout so far.

3. Simpsonwave

So i discovered Simpsonwave this year and wow i just fell in love from the editing to the vids and to the music used. there is some great stuff out there and there are some classics. i spent a lot of my time watching a lot of these vids.

here are some of my faves.

4. Diamond Is Unbreakable

The anime for Diamond Is Unbreakable is so good, i already loved the jojo’s anime but part 4 just made me love it more and i hope they we do get the other parts in anime form. from the animation, to the characters to the story i loved and kira just wow.

5. Youtubers

Found and started watching a lot of youtubers in 2016 that talked and did videos about anime and other stuff i liked and got say one them channels was Digibro i really like the way he talk about videos and how he edits his videos aswell but also like his 2nd channel were he talks about everything i watch a lot of his stuff. Also Kaptainkristian is another channel i found this year and really love the way he edits his video i really liked his video about Adult Swim but his FLCL video was great because i just watched the video when it just came out. Super Eyepatch Wolf  has become my fave youtuber also i love the way he edits his videos but also i love his series where he talks about a series you should read or watch i loved the Berserk video but the hunter x hunter made me go out and watch hunter x hunter.

6. Uncharted 4

I will admit with video games in 2016 were a really disappointment but there was a highlight here and there but the best game for me was uncharted 4. it was the only game in 2016 that i was excited for and it lived up to the hype. it felt like a great ending to the nathan drake story which i really liked.

7. Injury Reserve – FLOSS

one of the best albums i heard this year and it came out of no where and from the first Oh shit i was in love and have not stop listening it on spotify. bad boys 3 is another great song but the whole album is great. For me i love this kind of rap music the most insane rap music.

8. Flip Flappers

A great anime from this year and another one that came out of no where, when i saw some twitter compare it to a Studio Ghibli movie i knew i had to check it out and when i did i loved the first episode from the animation to the colors used i thought it was amazing with an interesting story.

9. Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition

Another amazing album but this felt so insane and crazy and i loved it so much that i ended up buying the vinyl and i only buy the vinyl for my fave albums. this is my first danny brown project i have listen and now i plan on listening to his past projects. i loved the songs downward spiral and pneumonia there some of the best songs on here.

10. Mob Psycho 100

I was interested in this anime after i knew this was from the one punch creator and after watching it, i loved it from the crazy and sketchy look to the animation and the colors they use and just a fun and funny story. i was really into this anime.

11. Yuri On Ice

I only watching this after it finished and after hearing how great it was so watched and i watched it in 2 days and wow i loved it from the perfect music and to the great animation do a really cool story. I had no interest in ice skating but they made it look so cool in this anime it was brilliant and i am excited for another season.

Other Stuff I Enjoyed

the boy and the best (Anime Movie)

berserk 2016 (Anime)

the last guardian (PS4 Game)

Pokemon Sun (3DS Game)

Triple 9 (Movie)

West World (TV Show)

Space Patrol Luluco (Anime)

Hitman (Ps4 Game)