10 Reasons Why I Would Buy A Switch


With details about the switch coming out soon and I have been interested because they have been saying the right things. If they get it right it could be the first Nintendo console I buy Day one, so here are my top 10 things to get me to buy a switch

The Price

The price has to be right, it has to be under $300 for me to make the purchase it has the be under this price maybe i can go $350 but the games are going to have to be killer on the consoles and it better have and amazing online service as well.

Pokemon A New RPG Game

I love Pokemon a new Pokemon game on the switch would make me buy a switch but a Pokemon rpg game would have me so excited. I don’t want sun or moon ported to me that is a waste of time and uninteresting to me but i think they will end up doing this which is a shame.

Tease For Upcoming Games

I need to know there a games coming out in the future so i need them to tease me with what upcoming games there will be even if its just name but a couple little teaser trailers would be nice and know i have games to be excited for.

Remakes Instead Of Ports

I don’t have a problem with ports but if every game is part or 90% of the games are port then that would make me less excited. I say port the best games from the Wii-u and remake older games from the Wii and even game cube would be a cool idea.

Fix There online service

I own a 3ds and there online service is a mess and to compete with the PS4 / Xbox one they need an upgrade there whole online service from playing games online to buying games on there online store.

A New Mario Game

I love Mario so to get a new Mario games is always must for a new Nintendo console so a new Mario game would be awesome but a remake of older Mario games would be cool even a Mario remake collection would be something that interest me.

Zelda launches Day One

Never been a Zelda fan but i have liked how the new Zelda game has looked and if that new game launches day one beside the switch its a must buy for me but if it doesn’t i think that will be a mistake for Nintendo.

Region Free

PS4 and Xbox one are region free its time for a Nintendo console to be region free it doesn’t make sense to lock your console and if they do it will kill the excitement for me.

A Spinoff Final Fantasy Game

I don’t need a port of the most recent final fantasy game on the switch but it would be cool instead i think there should be a final fantasy spinoff, i always found interest in the final fantasy spinoff games that go to Nintendo console like back in the game cube day so maybe they take a character from 15 and make a game about them.

A Bunch Of Indie Games

Like the PS4 / XBOX ONE they need some indie games to make there online service standout and some exclusive ones would really help push there online store and make me more interested i always like to play an indie game.