10 Best Female Characters From Anime

This is my list of the 10 best female characters from anime, i had to think about this list and the most interesting characters made the list.

  1. Reimi Sugimoto (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part  4)
  • So far in the 4 parts of Jojo’s, there haven’t been many stand out female characters but in part 4 one stood out and that was Reimi she was very interesting character from her introduction. She is a ghost from the bang and her relationship to the main bad villain of the series makes her very interesting and her look is so adorable with her pink hair. Also the last scene with her and Kira was amazing but when she leaves was a very touching moment.

  1. Mamimi Samejima (FLCL)
  • Mamimi is character i really like in FLCL from the first scene she is in from seeing her smoke and she is even my youtube picture. She has a history with the main character and his brother and she might like to light fires ? overall she is an interesting character and if she popped up season 2 i wouldn’t mind that.

  1. Olivier Mira Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood)
  • There is a lot of great female characters in FMA: Brotherhood but Olivier is the one they stood out to me, i love her relationship with her brother and i love the power she has in the military in this world. But she is a strong badass female also which i love but her look always stands out from the blonde hair to her thick lips. But her personality is cold and kind of love that and that makes her the best character from FMA: Brotherhood for me.

  1. Android 18  (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Android 18 is one of the more interesting characters in dragon ball z with her starting off as villain and becoming a mother and being with krillin. She is also strong and a badass, she just has this look where you get destroyed by her if you did the wrong thing but she has this cute look to her with her blonde hair. With super which i haven’t watched i hope she gets more moments to shine.

  1. Touka (tokyo ghoul)
  • Out of all the female characters from tokyo ghoul Touka is the baddest and she is just a badass she can fuck someone up. She also has this caring side of her with the main character and some of the other characters in the series. While she is training the main character, she has to go to school, works at a cafe also hunts humans when she is angry that makes her a interesting character also i’m only talking about season one of the anime because fuck season 2.

  1. Yuno (Future Diary)
  • Yuno is a fucking psycho and that’s what i love about her, she has this long pink hair with these caring eyes but when she snaps she turns into this psycho. That’s what i love about her character she is badass when she has a weapon in her hands. She is also a complex character when talking about her parents and she has a lot of twists and turns in her story and even though she is stalkerish, she does care about the main character, she loves him but she is fucking insane but that’s why i love this character.

  1. Kaori (Your Lie In April)
  • A character that doesn’t have an happy ending, she is this crazy cute violin player and she just wants the main character to play the piano again. While dealing with all this she starts to get sick and has to deal with a sickness while wanting to see this person play again and at the end she dies and it’s tragic but she is such a great character and moves everything forward with this story.

  1. Casca (Berserk)
  • Casca is such an interesting character, she has layers to her from being beautiful badass warrior to hating guts to falling in love with him to backstory of being saved by griffith and being raped by the person she respected the most in front of the man she loves. She has a tragic story where she just wants happiness. But with her being an interesting character she is also this badass warrior female surrounded by men and but won’t let any men help her fight. but maybe she is even stronger than the men around her. Casca is just one amazing character and why berserk is amazing.

  1. Misato Katsuragi (Evangelion)
  • There is a lot of interesting female characters in evangelion and they have all these issues but for me i have to give it Misato to having issues with the men in her life but also drinks and her place is messy and lives with a penguin. But she also cares about shinji even with his problems but she also looks good in the uniform she wears for nerv.

1.Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost In The Shell)

    • The major is one the best female characters ever in an anime, she was the first female character i saw in anime that mattered, that was important and was a badass with guns. To this  day a character that i still love she is this badass cyborg that has this interesting backstory and how she became a cyborg and fuck the live action movie changing that. The cyberpunk look of the major has always made her standout to me and i hope we get more of her in anime form one way or another. To me she has always been a badass with her guns and has always been awesome but her personality and sexuality is some of the most interesting things about her with her backstory and why i think she is the best female character in anime.

So that is my list of my 10 best female anime characters, it was fun so i might have to do a male one next.