Ghost In The Shell (2017) – Thoughts/First Impressions


I love Ghost In The Shell anime move, stand alone complex these 2 things to me are some of the perfect anime out there. so when I knew there was a live action movie I hoped for the best but after the 2nd trailer, i knew this was going to be bad. Only then I hoped for it to be better than dragon ball evolution. So after seeing I can say it was bad, boring and was missing what I loved about ghost in the shell when it touched on the deep subjects and really explored the darker themes of Ghost In The Shell. This movie had none of these but what I will say the best thing about the live action movie was the visuals they were amazing, 10/10 stuff but everything else was just bad.

being a hardcore ghost in the shell fan I knew there was no way they would get it right from the story to the change they would make and I didn’t like the changes they made. I was hoping for some fun action scenes but even the action scenes were bland. the scenes they recreated from the anime were cool but nothing special. at end of the day it was an average movie that could have been amazing at least it was better than dragon ball evolution, I hope we never get a movie like that again but for me, ghost in the shell deserves better.

If you are reading this and have never watched ghost in the shell then you will like this movie because if it didn’t have the name ghost in the shell then I could see it being a cool sci-fi movie because there is an amazing movie here just has a bunch of bullshit in it. Also, i think the major was miscast with Scarjo I don’t think she was right and that name change I hated that shit. if I couldn’t get into the major that was a big reason why I found this movie boring. But not all actors were bad just the characters were not that interesting in the movie compared how they were interesting in the anime.

Watch the ghost in the shell anime movies because they do a better job at telling the story and going in deep with these themes of ghost in the shell and I think it looks cooler in animation. 1995 anime and stand alone complex are the best part of the ghost in the shell universe I don’t know where the future of ghost in the shell is going but I hope there are more anime movies whatever happens to this live action movie. I don’t think we need anime turned into live action movies because there is always going to be problems and you can’t get around these problems but it is Hollywood and they want the money and to fuck with things we love. I just read there the next movie they want to make a live action movie is Akira…..FUCK!!!!!!!


Goodbye Wolverine…


The wolverine in the x-men movies is always the best thing about the movies. The solo x-men movies have been with hit and miss but with Logan this was the best x-men movie. But with this being Hugh Jackman’s last time as wolverine i just want to write about him as being wolverine.

Hugh Jackman as wolverine was something special with him being an Aussie but wolverine was my fave x-men character from the x-men cartoon. I remember being so excited to see the first x-men movie with my father, seeing it on the big screen and it was good, wolverine stood out straight away and i loved hugh jackman as wolverine he made that role his from the start. By the time 2nd movie rolled around they really focused on wolverine which is a good thing and bad thing. Good thing he was great as wolverine, bad thing its called the x-men not wolverine still a good movie but i was excited for hugh jackman as wolverine. We got to see some special wolverine moments from the comics in the movie. Then came x-men the last stand and this was start of the downfall of the x-men movies but wolverine was still the highlight from a terrible movie.

Finally we get a wolverine solo movie wolverine origins and i was excited for this movie… but was so let down watching this movie it was the worst x-men movie and they fucked up deadpool. Besides that it was just bad you could see hugh jackman was trying his best but it was just a bad movie and i have tried to rewatch this movie but i can’t. Fox tried to reinvent the x-men movies with first class and i will say this is my favorite x-men team movie it was so fun and awesome seeing new characters and new actors as older characters was cool also the wolverine cameo was fun.

The 2nd wolverine movie called the wolverine was alright it was better than origins but still had a lot of problems but was fun aswell and hugh jackman as wolverine was great and might have been his best wolverine yet. Days Of Future past came and once again i didn’t like the direction they were going in but what saved the movie for me was hugh jackman as wolverine he was amazing. I still haven’t seen Apocalypse because of me not being that interested in.

Logan recently came out and it was amazing for me it was a refreshing take on superhero movies and the best wolverine hugh jackman has played, he was brutal, angry and a survivor and this made for one of the best x-men movies but the best wolverine movie in the trilogy. By the end of this movie i had tears in my eyes and i knew that was the last we had seen of hugh jackman as wolverine it was sad but he went out in an epic, a way wolverine should have gone out. I just hope the next x-men just doesn’t bring him back just for the $$$.

Hugh Jackman made that wolverine his and i’m going to miss him in that role, him as wolverine meant a lot i was along for the ride until the very end and to see him say goodbye to the role was something special but also sad. Seeing how long he played wolverine and some people just know hugh jackman as wolverine and that’s something special you couldn’t have asked for a better actor playing wolverine. I just hope they let wolverine rest for a while before we see someone else as wolverine because that would just hurt.

My Anime Story: How i Got Back Into Anime


Back in the day i was into anime from Evangelion, Ghost In The Shell, Akira, DBZ and Pokemon but then school shit happened and i just lost interest and video games became more important to me. But i still would dip my toe into anime now and then from Studio Ghibli movies, Afro Samurai and some other random anime that would appear on tv or would get hype. When i was getting out of american comics because i was getting bored of the stories i was reading and also comics becoming more expensive and at the same time i got Netflix for the first time. I started off watching Netflix original stuff but then i heard the hype of Attack On Titan (this was when the hype was overboard it was all over my Facebook feed.) So i checked it out and i just kept watching it and i really liked it, then i remember hearing about Death Note and watched that and loved that, then i went onto Psycho Pass and thought that was amazing and then i started to go to places like Crunchyroll and AnimeLab and checked out things like Parasyte and Psycho ass season 2. My interest in anime just grew at the same time i found a store that sold anime and manga and started reading manga and finding stuff i loved in this store. Also i started catching up on Studio Ghibli movies. Also started watching people who talked about anime like Digibro, Super Eyepatch Wolf and others that got me interested in more anime. I dipped my toes into watching anime week 2 week which was interesting by the start of 2017 i realised that’s not how i really like how i watch anime i rather binge watch episodes. While going on this quest that i started to get back into anime i started learning about the studios, directors, cast and behind the scenes stuff.


The more anime i watched the more i enjoyed the different stories from Death Parade which was such an interesting story about death which i had never seen before to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure which was bizarre as fuck. But going back and re watching things like Dragon Ball Z, Evangelion and Ghost In The Shell showed me how much i missed anime and how much i loved from the fun over the top characters and fights in DBZ. Or seeing characters dealing with being alone and being depressed while fighting in mechs in Evangelion. Seeing how in depth anime can get interested me the most but also becoming a fan of Japanese culture.

I got to see another anime movie on the big screen, the last time that happened was with the first Pokemon movie with my father but to see Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F and i loved it, was so cool to see DBZ on the big screen and being a fan of this series since i was in school. Tt was an awesome moment And Also around the same time i started checking out anime i didn’t know much about, just to give a shot and my taste in anime grew from things like FLCL (but someone told me to watch that) Space Dandy, Your Lie In April and other stuff. I finally had enough to do a top 10 anime of all time and my anime list really helped.

So why i got back into anime ? i always loved cartoons (Ren And Stimpy, Invader Zim, Regular Show, Bob’s Burger) and i always loved anime so to go back to anime always made sense and the story telling, characters and animation made me love anime more but made me stay with anime this time. I have been back in thee anime loop for about 3 years now, and i have never thought about stop watching it. Also being an adult and with services like Crunchyroll, AnimeLab helps me not to stray away. After being into Comic Books, Video Games, Movies, TV Shows, Manga and Anime – Video Games, Anime and manga are the 3 things that has never bored me.

In 2017 My love for anime has just grown and i plan on watching more anime and watch more people talk about anime on youtube. I might not know everything about anime but i am always willing to learn and why i research a lot of stuff and watch people talk about anime on youtube. I plan to watch more anime this year and catching up with a lot of the older stuff i missed when i was not watching anime or that’s the goal anyway. Trying to stay away from the newer stuff besides the new season of Berserk (yes i know it’s going to be shit) but also going into genres that i haven’t checked out before and watch the darker stuff that i love and slice of life fun stuff. So that’s why i got back into anime.