Why I Love: Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex

So i spent a lot of time in march catching up with Ghost In The Shell stuff and one of the things really stood out and that was Stand Alone Complex. I love stand alone complex to me it was amazing and it expanded on everything that the original movie did. To me what i love most about stand alone complex is how it explores section 9 and how it explores the characters of section 9. We finally get to see bits of backstory of these characters and i love how we get more of the character from the major which i really love also i really love how the major looks in section 9.

Both of the seasons really explores complex subjects but i loved how the 2nd season explored refugees, suicide bombers and how they follow one person to change the world, its very interesting to watch part of this world. Also i loved the laughing man in the first season he was a great villain but also complex and makes you think is he really a villain? the villains of the 2nd season are also very interesting but the backstory of the villains in ghost in the shell are some of the most interesting things in stand alone complex.

The music in stand alone complex gives it this epic feel but a feel from the original movie and something i enjoy i even love listening to the music when i am not watching the anime. The music just fits perfectly like with the last 5 episodes of season one which are some of the best episodes i have watched and with the music it just gives this feel of perfection.

The movie The Solid State Society gives it this ending which fits perfectly and works with the major not part of section 9 but she is off doing her own thing which was interesting and i love how they bring back a certain famous Ghost In The Shell character. The movie ending gives stand alone complex the perfect ending.

Overall stand alone complex is the best ghost in the shell anime i have watched and over the last month or so i have watched a lot of Ghost In The Shell anime. I love how it’s a deep anime and explores a lot of themes from the movie but explores newer themes like the internet and such but it develops this characters and we learn even more about these characters which i think i love the most. Stand Alone Complex is now in my top 10 anime of all time.


A Silent Voice – A Redemption Of A Bully


I did a video on A Silent Voice (you can check it out here) but I wanted to write some things about it.

A Silent Voice is an amazing anime movie, it is a really great adaption of the manga which I read a year before the movie came out and thought they nailed that. This movie stayed true to the themes of bullying and seeing the character go from the bully and to get redemption for his past. And seeing him as the bully is an important part of the story and seeing this guy bully this deaf girl is hard. it gives you all these feeling but the scenes where she punches the girl is hard to watch.

This movie looks great on the big screen from the colors used in the art which gives it a look like the manga and it just works. with the animation, it makes it feel special and something beautiful on the screen. The characters look great on screen Shoko Nishimiya one of the main characters looks beautiful and adorable in anime form but all the characters look great. The other main character Shoya Ishida also looks good the screen and because he is the focus of the movie he really shines.

A Silent Voice is very special and I loved how they kept in things from the manga like the x’s on faces. They had to cut some stuff because you can’t put everything in one movie and I was okay with the stuff they cut.

Overall this was an amazing anime movie and I loved every bit of it. I am looking forward to watching it again whenever that is but I just think they nailed this adaptation with it looking beautiful in anime form. This was an amazing adaption and it makes you feel all the things, the characters make you feel and it left me with tears in my eyes.