Quick Thoughts: Your Name

I really like Your Name, i watched it the other night i can say it was really good.

Went in not expecting much after the hype but i think i even enjoyed more because of that, a very beautiful movie to look at. I loved the characters and the story it tole it was so interesting and had me invested.

The ending i think was the weakest part of the movie to me and something that could have been better but i enjoyed the movie overall.

I love anime movies they feel very special and this movie is no different and i hope we get more anime movies and i think we are getting a good amount but i would like even more. Some of my Favourite anime is movies and i cant wait to see what the next anime movie is.


Gantz:0 Is A Lot Fun And Thats Why I Love It


So Gantz:0 is a really fun anime movie and it just surprised the fuck out of me. It is such a fun movie overall and i just had a ton of fun watching it and one i could see myself rewatching. For me one of the best exclusives netflix has to with anime.

The first thing that stuck out to me was the monsters and their designs were awesome, they were disturbing and fucked but just grosse as hell. They had this demon look to them and in CG they just looked amazing and this was some of the best CG i have ever seen in any anime movie.

For me the most interesting character in the movie was Kato is the main character because he had this interesting back story made him the most interesting. The other characters were alright but didn’t have much to them,the characters were mostly meh to me. The one thing i didn’t like in the anime was the forced relationship in the movie, it felt rushed and forced and the only thing that i really didn’t like about the anime. I just didn’t believe it by the end and suddenly she was in love with this guy 5/10 mins after meeting him… yeah right. Also saying there going to live with each other… nah not believable.

The most fun i had with the movie was the action because how amazing it looked, the weapons the characters used were crazy but the amounts of blood and gore reminded me of the action movies i enjoyed in my youth. Seeing these monsters getting blown up and all the blood spewing out was so cool.

The last fight/action scene was tons of gory fun, you have a huge robots, a monster evolving and a lot of gore and it was just a lot of fun to watch but with all of these fight scenes, it is just some gory fun which i love.

Overall i just had a lot of fun with Gantz:0 and if this is the way that netflix is dealing with there anime section and then sign me up i am in. i hope we see more stuff like this on netflix because this was just amazing and i had a lot of fun. I like anime movies like these, they don’t take it seriously which makes this movie so much fun. That’s why i think i love it the most it was just a fun movie overall.

My Top 10 RPGS

I grew up on RPGS they were some of my favorite games when growing up on playstation one and 2 and really formed my taste in a lot of things. I recently read the latest issue of game informer which had their top 100 rpgs of all time and i thought it was an interesting list but i thought i would do my top 10 rpgs of all time.

10. Pokemon Red

Pokemon red was a big game for me and just made me love RPG games even more and just with the pokemon craze at the time it just made pokemon even more important and i still remember bring my gameboy to school and everyone playing pokemon red. Catching pokemon and training is the best thing but also very addicting thing to do.

9. Mass Effect 2

The best mass effect game in the series, 2 made me love the series. I loved the story and characters and the choices you made in the game and the universe they have created. It had a cool sci-fi story and exploring this universe was fun.

8. Ni No Kuni

This is a studio ghibli video game and it reminds me of watching a studio ghibli movie i just get the same feels and just loved everything about this game. I just love the art in the game and just reminded why i love RPG games.

7. Final fantasy 10

The first time final fantasy had voice acting and it was amazing, still one of my fave final fantasy games i really liked the characters but it also has a very interesting villain and world they have created.

6. Persona 4

The game that got me into the persona series and i just loved the gameplay from goinf to school then going to another world and fighting monsters which was so cool and had a mystery about that i just loved.

5. Dark cloud 2 (Also Known As Dark Chronicle)

I really couldn’t get into the first game but when the 2nd game came out i just fell in love it and it was thanks to the art style. It was a very different RPG game for the time but would like to see another game please ?

4. Final fantasy 8

This is the best final fantasy game made, it made me skip a lot of school because i rather play this game then do school work. I really was into the characters also the military theme it had was cool.

3. Pokemon gold

Still the best pokemon game i just love how they advanced things from pokemon red but with new pokemon to the added features made an even pokemon game. Also still has the best things from pokemon red.

2. The Witcher 3

This game surprised the fuck out of me and i have played all the dlc which is rare for me i loved this game and is one of my fave games. I loved the world and the story of the witcher 3 but everything else is amazing in this game. This is how i want a modern rpg game.

1. Persona 5

This is the JRPG game to come out since persona 4 and why i think persona series is now better than final fantasy to me and why i will always pick persona over final fantasy now. But i haven’t finished 5 and its still the best rpg of all time to me.

Maid Dragon Is Adorable And The Best Anime Of 2017 Also Has The Best Boobs (Review)

I Finally watched Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid after hearing so many great things about this anime so i binged it in 2 days and i can say i loved it. This might be in the best anime of 2017 list. This anime really surprised me because i’m not into cute comedy anime but this one just wowed me. I go to anime that is more darker, mature anime so liking this really surprised me. Also a story that focuses on lesbians is not something i really go out of way to watch but i really loved that part of the anime. Because it’s not part of one or 2 characters but there a couple of characters this plot revolves around. Also seeing one character openly express the love for one of the characters and the other one doesn’t was quite interesting to watch. Also the art, animation and colors used really stood out and something that made it feel special.

For me the best thing about this anime was the characters, these characters are interesting and very amazing to watch on the screen. Also how these characters interact was something that i loved watching but gave me feelings all the time and why i watched the anime in 2 days. First You have the main character Kobayashi who likes to get drunk and when she is drunk she lets more of her emotions out. When she gets this family with the dragon maid and Kanna and she becomes the mother of this family and it’s very sweet to see her go into this role in something she is not familiar with. You see her showing what things are in this world because with them not from this world they don’t know what things are for example like cars. Also Like when she has to be a mother to Kanna and and there is a great moment when Kanna wants to go to school and she has to do school shopping and it’s so sweet to watch. The relationship with Tohru is another interesting thing with Kobayashi because of how she acts and she doesn’t express her feeling that well when she is not drunk.

Tohru is the maid dragon of this anime and i love this character she is so sweet even though she wants to kill the human race she loves Kobayashi and will do anything for her to make her happy. Also she has big boobs which is nice and that’s what makes a lot of the comedy. As a maid she wants to do everything perfect even though she doesn’t know everything about the human world and i think that’s what makes her a great character.

There is Kanna who acts as the daughter to Kobayashi and she is so adorable and she is the cutest thing ever from her look, to how she acts and her voice. She is everything and it makes the anime a 100 times better. I love her friendship at school and you can see a start of a relationship there and then you have these moments where she learning to be a daughter and you see her doing school work and going out playing with her friends or is excited to go somewhere new i loved it. Also seeing her doing these child like things and just her interactions with other characters are funny but so adorable to watch. There is another dragon character Lucoa and she has big boobs and likes showing skin but when she interacts with the other characters it is funny but she is one of the weakest characters, she does not have much substance to her and one of the weakest parts of this anime but saying that she is a fun character. Also you have 2 male characters who interact with this group but what makes them different that have this otaku lifestyle and it’s so awesome and so funny, they read manga, playing video games also one of them is a dragon, it’s great having them in the anime.

The last Episode might have been one of the best episodes but one of the most important episodes. When Tohru father comes to take her back home and when a showdown happens between father and daughter Kobayashi finally yells out how she feels about Tohru and what a fuckin moment it was. Just to hear her finally say these things really touched Tohru and why this was a great episode and was the perfect episode to end this anime.

When Tohru and Kobayashi meet for the first time we don’t get to see that until the 2nd half of the anime and doing that made it feel different, because i expected there first meeting, that Tohru fell in love with Kobayashi straight away but when we finally see it that’s not how it went down. You see Tohru in her dragon form and with a sword in her and very angry and just hates humans. Kobayashi comes along and Tohru telling her to get away until she pulls the sword out of her and then they talk and drink and that is the moment she invites Tohru to comes work for her as a maid. Also i love the art in this scenes it gives it this raw look to it. I loved this moment but the scene was great overall.

This anime was really funny and made me laugh a lot. Because it was the interaction between these characters like seeing Kobayashi petting Kanna or seeing these dragon characters interact with things they don’t know makes for some funny moments. The humor of this anime matches my kind of humor, it’s not over the top or absurd, the comedy feels natural and something i enjoy in my comedy.

But it was the touching moments of this anime that made it something special and something that stood out so far in the year 2017. There were sad moments, happy moments and funny moments. I love the moment when Kanna is going to a sports carnival and she wants Kobayashi to come and watch her and when she can’t because she has to work. Kanna is sad and is feeling down but when you see her work out her work schedule and comes to watch her you see Kanna so happy and you can’t help to feel happy in that moment. I loved the episode when they have to attend to a con and it’s so funny, one character is there to sell their manga and other characters are helping out but the funny moments are when people think Tohru is doing cosplay it’s funny as fuck.

Overall i loved this anime it just gave the feeling of being happy while watching this anime. This anime showed what a sweet, charming and adorable anime looked like. I can see myself going back and watching this anime, to me this was special and one i will remember from 2017 also Kanna is everything she is character that gives me hope for the world she is everything.

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