Scum’s Wish – How I Wanted To Love This Anime

Wow I don’t know how to how to feel after watching scums wish. Well let’s start at the beginning I was excited to watch this anime because I heard this would be the kind of anime i like, dark and fucked up. So i finally got around to watch it and it had me excited. I was even thinking about reading the manga but I was more interested in watching the anime so I finally did and here are my thoughts.

After watching the first episode I thought something wasn’t clicking I didn’t know what, I was interested in the story but I just didn’t feel to binge watch each episode. So a few weeks later I watched the 2nd episode still not clicking with me but I thought holy shit this is fucked up, the sex stuff which plays a big part of this anime I was like WTF and sometimes thought is this going to turn into a hentai ?

So the next day I watch episode 3 because it is not an easy anime to watch and not the best anime to binge watch. Still some scenes are still shocking to watch but this anime is still not clicking with me and I start to think maybe this anime is one I don’t finish watching I just drop it. Also I start thinking it’s bad I’m just not getting anything out of this anime. Episode 4 is where I have some different thoughts. episode 4 is where I knew why this anime wasn’t clicking for me, it was the characters that were bad and horrible people. There is nothing you can like about these characters and this is why I couldn’t get into this anime there was no character I could hook into. Every character was horrible to each other these characters are fucked up.

Episode 5 is where it started to click with me and where it became a guilty pleasure for me. I started enjoy how horrible these characters are but also how fucked they are and how one character enjoyed being wanted by Boys and didn’t care who it hurt and another character was heading into that direction. I still hated the main 2 characters relationship something I really couldn’t get into and still couldn’t get into.

Episode 6,7,8 I just started enjoying this anime way more and found exploring these characters really interesting. Seeing the main character go down this dark path was also interesting to see. And where episode 8 left off I thought was interesting this cliffhanger where the anime could go a couple of ways. The anime revolves around a couple of teacher characters and one of them is just a horrible character and when you see her use all of the boys/men in this anime I was just in wow and even showing off what she can make them to do just was so fucked up to see.

Episode 9,10,11 made me feel something different it made me hate this anime, i was really liking it but it dawned on me these characters might be horrible people but also there really stupid and it just makes me hate this anime. There is one character that actually says you can cheat on me WTF???? What the hell am i watching ? lucky i only have one episode to go because i couldn’t do 24 episodes of this anime…. I don’t know what to say about this anime anymore.

Episode 12 was good and might have saved the whole anime for me, i like how the last episode resolved things and we sometimes don’t get that with anime so i’m happy about that. Some interesting conversation with characters and ended on the right point.

So overall i didn’t really enjoy this anime and it came down to the characters because they lived up to the titles name they were all scum in some way, they were horrible people but also some were stupid and just took me out of the anime. The anime had some interesting stuff from the editing style, to the themes it explored from sex to love, i loved the episode names. Also the music i loved, the outro song was amazing. But i can’t get past the characters, they ruined the anime for me which was a shame, i wanted to love this anime but in the end i was disappointed with it and now i’m going to pass on the manga… well onto the next anime.


Persona 5 Is Not The Best Game Ever But Its Still Great

So i finally finished persona 5, so is this the greatest game ever ? NO. Was it a good game ? YES.

I really liked the game a lot but for me this was not the greatest game ever, i had a lot of fun but i still think i enjoyed persona 4 more i think the story was better in 4 and i enjoyed 4 a lot more but 5 was still a great game in the series and a great JRPG. it will be one of the best games of the year for sure but for me not in my top 10 games of all time.

I love the art style of persona 5, it has style all over the game from the intro to the music and i think the soundtrack might be my favorite part of the game. When the music plays i just stop for a couple seconds just listening to the music.

The gameplay is persona all over but with a couple of tweaks that i enjoy, i really enjoying trying to ambush characters. Using your personas were cool and the the guns just add some cool stuff with gameplay. Also the negations are fun to do. But my favorite part of the game is just playing the school life and i really enjoy that getting your social links done. The ui and style overall makes it a fun game to play.

I thought the story of the game was great i really got invested and to see how it went to a dark place is something i loved and the theme of adults abusing there powers was something else that was interesting. I do think it does dragon for a bit too long and could have been cut down. Exploring these characters and seeing how they are treated by adults was really interesting to see.

Overall i really liked the game but i didn’t think it was the most amazing game. I think it will be in my top 10 at the end of year i just don’t know if it will be my number one. Persona series is the only current JRPG series that i am loving and i think they are doing a great job at it and i can’t wait to see what they do with persona 6 in the next 6 years lol.

E3 2017: 10 Games That Excite Me

So the big E3 shows happened and the big game publishers showed off their games and this is something i watch live every year, even though time zones suck. So this year i think E3 wasn’t the greatest compared to other years i think everyone played it say and they were fine and they were but nothing outstanding or amazing overall. First there was EA and it just sucked there was 2 or 3 games that interested me. There was xbox which was average i was expecting more and the console was a disappointment. Bethesda was average, ubisoft had its moments and i really liked them moments. Sony was good but nothing compared to last year. Nintendo was good but didn’t hit the amazing mark. But here are 10 games that got me excited.

10. Dragon Ball Fighter Z

I really haven’t liked the dragon ball games lately i played it xenoverse but really couldn’t get into it. But this oh my this has me hyped, this looks like a fun dragon ball fighter, it looks amazing and it looks any person could play as well. I am not a big fighter i only play tekken as my fighting game but this one i really need to check out.

9. Super Mario odyssey

I love mario when i get a new nintendo system i always want something mario and i always thought it was a shame there wasn’t a mario game at launch of the switch. But oddysee just looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun to play and looks really excited and why i will buying a switch for.

8. Far cry 5

Far cry recently has needed something new to it and i think by seeing the gameplay videos from E3 this year i think there with the added dog, and other people with you but also being in an american town but also the different things you can do i am excited for it.

7. Wolfenstein 2

I still need to play the other wolfenstein game but this game has me excited for it, recently i have become stale on FPS games but this looks interesting but wacky as fuck which i love. It looks really different and something i can sink my teeth in and i’m very excited for it.

6. Pokemon RPG

YES!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing was show but just said it’s being worked on a new pokemon core RPG, i am buying a switch for sure now. This is something i wanted from E3 and i got it and it just makes me happy. This has me super excited even though nothing was shown.

5. Ni No Kuni 2

I loved the first game to see new gameplay that makes my happy. I am very excited to play this game at the end of the year. I love the art, i love the style and i love the story they’re telling i am pumped for this game.

4. Skull & Bones

I think this so cool so what i loved the most about black flag was the pirate stuff and now they’re making a whole game out of that. That is so awesome to me and i can see myself having a lot of fun with this game.

3. Spider-man

Last year when i saw this game i thought looked good but wasn’t super excited for it. But with seeing some game play and how things work i am super excited for this game. The gameplay looks awesome from the action to the swinging and the story also looks interesting.

2. God Of War

The game i’m most excited about going into e3 this year and wow it still looks amazing and i just want to get my hands on it. I loved the action but also more of the story sounds amazing and i so want this game but i’ll just have to wait for 2018.

1. Shadow Of The Colossus

Wow this came out of nowhere and i’m so excited for this remake. I didn’t know i wanted this remake but i do want this remake now. The look amazing and so much better and with bluepoint games behind it i’m super excited about it.

Other Games I’m Excited For

The Last Night – this looks so interesting.

Cuphead – still looks like so much fun

Beyond good and evil 2 – wow so they are really doing it but as a prequel i’m very interested in this

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – looks different but i’m very interested in it, looks super fun.

Everybody’s golf – didn’t know i wanted to play this game but i do.

Kingdom Hearts 3 – it’s going to be a long wait but still looks like a ton of fun

Undertale – finally coming out for the ps4 and i hear great things can’t wait to play it.

Paranoia Agent Thoughts/Review

So I have been working my way through the anime on my list and finally got around to watch paranoia agent which I have had for the last 5 years. The anime focuses on different characters who get attacked by a character called LIl slugger. Some detectives start to investigate to find out what is really going on.

5 Things I Enjoyed

5. The Music

I loved the music in the anime, i think it’s one of the best anime soundtracks and it really fits with what the anime is saying. Also the opening song is just amazing it’s like godlike. I never skip the opening because how much i love it.

4. The Reveal Of Lil Slugger

Watching the anime i always had the question who the hell is this character. So around the last 3 or 4 episodes you start to get them answers but when the reveal comes its great. I think it’s done so well and it was wow moment.

3. Art And Animation

Madhouse did an amazing job with the art and animation it’s a level stuff. But what impressed me the most were the episodes with different art style which was so cool but felt very experimental which i liked but also felt part of the story they were telling in this anime.

2. The Theme Of Paranoia

This anime plays around with the theme of paranoia and i think it is explored in a very interesting way. Looking at these different characters and taking them to their breaking point and then this change happening. I really liked it and how it affected each character differently.

1. The Characters

The thing i loved the most about this anime was the different characters and how it explored their stories. From the character who had 2 personalities, 3 people who meet online and want to kill themselfs, a greedy cop, a daughter of a cop and more. Most of these characters are very interesting and these are the ones that did stand out to me.

3 Things I Didn’t Like

3. The Ending

I didn’t love the ending, i think it went over my head and might like it on a rewatch but i really didn’t like it and felt like it rushed past some stuff.

2. It Was Hard To Follow At Times

At times or in some episodes i did get confuse and was wondering what was going on. Maybe it was part of the story or maybe i need to rewatch but not understanding all of it sometimes took me out of the anime.

1. Not Every Character Is Interesting

I liked most of the characters but there were a few where i wish they were cut out of the anime because they were not interesting or i didn’t think they were really needed for the story. Even some characters back story were uninteresting.

Overall i thought it was great and i just had a great time watching this anime. I really am a fan of these kind of animes that make you think and this was one of them. The world created i thought was amazing and always wanted to know more about it. Satoshi Kon created an amazing anime and just thinking that he is gone is really sad, i miss this creative mind in the anime industry.

Please tell me! Galko-chan Thoughts/Review

So this time i am reviewing another anime off my list and this one is called Please tell me! Galko-chan and if you want to look at the list of anime i am watching and writing about on this blog here it is.

So each episode are really short around 7 minute episodes and i really liked that. This anime was made to binge watch and was an easy to watch and is the thing i really enjoyed about watching this anime. The anime focuses on 3 girls talking about girl issues and that’s something i don’t see a lot in anime and this anime made it so fun but also funny, it made me laugh a lot.

The 3 girls who are the main characters were so great and each character was different and it was interesting to see them as friends. One girl is an otaku and likes anime and Galko who has big boobs has this nice personality where she likes helping people. How these girls interact with each other is great, when there talking with each other and having fun its great to watch.

I love the style they use for the art it’s bright and charming and i love the character designs. They really stand and for sure Galko does because of boobs and the people making jokes and talking about her boobs and about her makes her a very interesting character.

For me what i loved was seeing the point of view from an female character on the topics in the anime which is something i don’t see much in anime and just thought it was very interesting. Even though there is some serious issues they also make jokes which makes it funny to watch.

Overall i had a fun time watching and to me that means i liked it. It wasn’t the most amazing anime ever but i just had a lot of fun watching it and with episodes being around 7 minutes long that was something i enjoyed as well. I would like to watch more anime from the point of view coming from female characters i really enjoy that more than i thought so that is something i will be looking for in the future.

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Black Lagoon Thoughts/Review

So i made a list of all the anime i need to watch, so with me going through the list i thought after watching an anime from the list i would write about it and today we are going to start with black lagoon.

So Black Lagoon the anime is amazing, last year i read the manga and loved it but seeing the anime made me love this series more. This was one amazing adaptation and from the guys at madhouse. They did an amazing job with this anime.

So first thing i noticed about the anime was the amazing badass women and just how amazing they are in this anime. The badass women are the highlight and make it standout because these women don’t fuck around because if you do something wrong you will be dead in the next 5 seconds. Balalaika is the russian who controls everything in Black Lagoon but don’t ever fuck with her because she is an ex soldier from russia but has an army to kill you with. She has men to do all the dirty work but when she puts on the old army uniform, you know you are fucked but she is a badass and even with the scars she is fuckin hot.

Then there is roberta and oh my she is a very interesting character, we first meet her trying to get her master back but there is this cool moment where she goes one on one with Revy and it is an awesome scene and it’s them just punching the shit out of each other. But that’s not the end of her she comes back in one of the best arcs in the anime roberta’s blood trail arc and its amazing. roberta goes fuckin insane and as she is going against some american soldiers she doesn’t care what happens and she even goes close to killing her master it’s very fucked up but amazing to watch.

Revy is one of the main characters and i just love her, she is badass but looks so hot with her handguns. You always see her with her handguns but when you start learning about her past you know there is more to this chinese american. She had a fucked up childhood from being treated like shit, raped and holy fuck when you see the flashbacks just brutal stuff. The other main character is Rock who is introduced to this world and he gets dragged in and by the end of the anime he goes down a dark path and now that he might not be an outsider anymore but part of these shady characters. I think he changes when he witness a death of this school girl in front of him when he goes back to japan and it stays with and it really fucks him up emotionally.

The japanese arc is my favorite arc but i think roberta’s blood trail in the best arc. Why i love the japanese arc is because we see Rock go back home and seeing how feels but also he gets close to Revy as well. But during this arc he gets close to a school girl who is part of the yakuza in a very interesting way and how this arc ends is brutal, you think maybe this can end in a good way but when the death of this girl happens, they don’t show it but you hear the sound of her putting a sword through her throat while rock watches now that is fucked up and seeing how it affects Rock is just emotional.

The Twins arc in the most twisted arc i might have ever seen in an anime, it brilliant but so fucked up, you have to 2 kids who are killers going around killing people and you learn during this arc that they have also had a fucked up past like every character in this anime. You learn these characters were raped and taught to kill at a young age and that fucked them up so much that they don’t feel anything when they kill, its also has some really touching moment like with rock learning how one of the twins thinks and it’s very messed up. One of the twins has a brutal death from the russians and the other doesn’t make it out alive.

One of the things i love about this anime is how it has this tarantino feel to it and another thing that makes it standout. Maybe it’s how the characters are written or how over the top action scenes look. But overall it just has this tarantino feel like when i see one of his movies. The crazy, over the top action scenes are just amazing and i fuckin love them. Bullets being sprayed everywhere and tons of people being killed blood all over the place and it makes for great action scenes in animation. Also mix in swords and you get some brutal scenes and a lot of fun watching black lagoon.

I watched the dub and i really liked the dub, at first i wasn’t sure i would like the dub but after a few episodes i really was into the dub and by the end i loved the voices of rock and revy. So yeah i just loved this anime, it reminds me of anime i would watch when i was younger late at night with the lights off and laying in my bed. I loved them kind of animes when i was younger and still love them, they just have this cool style to them. for me black lagoon would be in my top 20 anime of all time i loved it and i can see myself rewatching this anime down the road.

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