Please tell me! Galko-chan Thoughts/Review

So this time i am reviewing another anime off my list and this one is called Please tell me! Galko-chan and if you want to look at the list of anime i am watching and writing about on this blog here it is.

So each episode are really short around 7 minute episodes and i really liked that. This anime was made to binge watch and was an easy to watch and is the thing i really enjoyed about watching this anime. The anime focuses on 3 girls talking about girl issues and that’s something i don’t see a lot in anime and this anime made it so fun but also funny, it made me laugh a lot.

The 3 girls who are the main characters were so great and each character was different and it was interesting to see them as friends. One girl is an otaku and likes anime and Galko who has big boobs has this nice personality where she likes helping people. How these girls interact with each other is great, when there talking with each other and having fun its great to watch.

I love the style they use for the art it’s bright and charming and i love the character designs. They really stand and for sure Galko does because of boobs and the people making jokes and talking about her boobs and about her makes her a very interesting character.

For me what i loved was seeing the point of view from an female character on the topics in the anime which is something i don’t see much in anime and just thought it was very interesting. Even though there is some serious issues they also make jokes which makes it funny to watch.

Overall i had a fun time watching and to me that means i liked it. It wasn’t the most amazing anime ever but i just had a lot of fun watching it and with episodes being around 7 minutes long that was something i enjoyed as well. I would like to watch more anime from the point of view coming from female characters i really enjoy that more than i thought so that is something i will be looking for in the future.

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