Paranoia Agent Thoughts/Review

So I have been working my way through the anime on my list and finally got around to watch paranoia agent which I have had for the last 5 years. The anime focuses on different characters who get attacked by a character called LIl slugger. Some detectives start to investigate to find out what is really going on.

5 Things I Enjoyed

5. The Music

I loved the music in the anime, i think it’s one of the best anime soundtracks and it really fits with what the anime is saying. Also the opening song is just amazing it’s like godlike. I never skip the opening because how much i love it.

4. The Reveal Of Lil Slugger

Watching the anime i always had the question who the hell is this character. So around the last 3 or 4 episodes you start to get them answers but when the reveal comes its great. I think it’s done so well and it was wow moment.

3. Art And Animation

Madhouse did an amazing job with the art and animation it’s a level stuff. But what impressed me the most were the episodes with different art style which was so cool but felt very experimental which i liked but also felt part of the story they were telling in this anime.

2. The Theme Of Paranoia

This anime plays around with the theme of paranoia and i think it is explored in a very interesting way. Looking at these different characters and taking them to their breaking point and then this change happening. I really liked it and how it affected each character differently.

1. The Characters

The thing i loved the most about this anime was the different characters and how it explored their stories. From the character who had 2 personalities, 3 people who meet online and want to kill themselfs, a greedy cop, a daughter of a cop and more. Most of these characters are very interesting and these are the ones that did stand out to me.

3 Things I Didn’t Like

3. The Ending

I didn’t love the ending, i think it went over my head and might like it on a rewatch but i really didn’t like it and felt like it rushed past some stuff.

2. It Was Hard To Follow At Times

At times or in some episodes i did get confuse and was wondering what was going on. Maybe it was part of the story or maybe i need to rewatch but not understanding all of it sometimes took me out of the anime.

1. Not Every Character Is Interesting

I liked most of the characters but there were a few where i wish they were cut out of the anime because they were not interesting or i didn’t think they were really needed for the story. Even some characters back story were uninteresting.

Overall i thought it was great and i just had a great time watching this anime. I really am a fan of these kind of animes that make you think and this was one of them. The world created i thought was amazing and always wanted to know more about it. Satoshi Kon created an amazing anime and just thinking that he is gone is really sad, i miss this creative mind in the anime industry.


2 thoughts on “Paranoia Agent Thoughts/Review

  1. I really enjoyed Paranoia Agent. The ending works but it is a bit odd and a lot of the characters are pretty horrible people but I still found them kind of interesting in a way. It is one of those odd shows where it is more the experience of watching it and thinking about it that makes it work.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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