E3 2017: 10 Games That Excite Me

So the big E3 shows happened and the big game publishers showed off their games and this is something i watch live every year, even though time zones suck. So this year i think E3 wasn’t the greatest compared to other years i think everyone played it say and they were fine and they were but nothing outstanding or amazing overall. First there was EA and it just sucked there was 2 or 3 games that interested me. There was xbox which was average i was expecting more and the console was a disappointment. Bethesda was average, ubisoft had its moments and i really liked them moments. Sony was good but nothing compared to last year. Nintendo was good but didn’t hit the amazing mark. But here are 10 games that got me excited.

10. Dragon Ball Fighter Z

I really haven’t liked the dragon ball games lately i played it xenoverse but really couldn’t get into it. But this oh my this has me hyped, this looks like a fun dragon ball fighter, it looks amazing and it looks any person could play as well. I am not a big fighter i only play tekken as my fighting game but this one i really need to check out.

9. Super Mario odyssey

I love mario when i get a new nintendo system i always want something mario and i always thought it was a shame there wasn’t a mario game at launch of the switch. But oddysee just looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun to play and looks really excited and why i will buying a switch for.

8. Far cry 5

Far cry recently has needed something new to it and i think by seeing the gameplay videos from E3 this year i think there with the added dog, and other people with you but also being in an american town but also the different things you can do i am excited for it.

7. Wolfenstein 2

I still need to play the other wolfenstein game but this game has me excited for it, recently i have become stale on FPS games but this looks interesting but wacky as fuck which i love. It looks really different and something i can sink my teeth in and i’m very excited for it.

6. Pokemon RPG

YES!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing was show but just said it’s being worked on a new pokemon core RPG, i am buying a switch for sure now. This is something i wanted from E3 and i got it and it just makes me happy. This has me super excited even though nothing was shown.

5. Ni No Kuni 2

I loved the first game to see new gameplay that makes my happy. I am very excited to play this game at the end of the year. I love the art, i love the style and i love the story they’re telling i am pumped for this game.

4. Skull & Bones

I think this so cool so what i loved the most about black flag was the pirate stuff and now they’re making a whole game out of that. That is so awesome to me and i can see myself having a lot of fun with this game.

3. Spider-man

Last year when i saw this game i thought looked good but wasn’t super excited for it. But with seeing some game play and how things work i am super excited for this game. The gameplay looks awesome from the action to the swinging and the story also looks interesting.

2. God Of War

The game i’m most excited about going into e3 this year and wow it still looks amazing and i just want to get my hands on it. I loved the action but also more of the story sounds amazing and i so want this game but i’ll just have to wait for 2018.

1. Shadow Of The Colossus

Wow this came out of nowhere and i’m so excited for this remake. I didn’t know i wanted this remake but i do want this remake now. The look amazing and so much better and with bluepoint games behind it i’m super excited about it.

Other Games I’m Excited For

The Last Night – this looks so interesting.

Cuphead – still looks like so much fun

Beyond good and evil 2 – wow so they are really doing it but as a prequel i’m very interested in this

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – looks different but i’m very interested in it, looks super fun.

Everybody’s golf – didn’t know i wanted to play this game but i do.

Kingdom Hearts 3 – it’s going to be a long wait but still looks like a ton of fun

Undertale – finally coming out for the ps4 and i hear great things can’t wait to play it.


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