Persona 5 Is Not The Best Game Ever But Its Still Great

So i finally finished persona 5, so is this the greatest game ever ? NO. Was it a good game ? YES.

I really liked the game a lot but for me this was not the greatest game ever, i had a lot of fun but i still think i enjoyed persona 4 more i think the story was better in 4 and i enjoyed 4 a lot more but 5 was still a great game in the series and a great JRPG. it will be one of the best games of the year for sure but for me not in my top 10 games of all time.

I love the art style of persona 5, it has style all over the game from the intro to the music and i think the soundtrack might be my favorite part of the game. When the music plays i just stop for a couple seconds just listening to the music.

The gameplay is persona all over but with a couple of tweaks that i enjoy, i really enjoying trying to ambush characters. Using your personas were cool and the the guns just add some cool stuff with gameplay. Also the negations are fun to do. But my favorite part of the game is just playing the school life and i really enjoy that getting your social links done. The ui and style overall makes it a fun game to play.

I thought the story of the game was great i really got invested and to see how it went to a dark place is something i loved and the theme of adults abusing there powers was something else that was interesting. I do think it does dragon for a bit too long and could have been cut down. Exploring these characters and seeing how they are treated by adults was really interesting to see.

Overall i really liked the game but i didn’t think it was the most amazing game. I think it will be in my top 10 at the end of year i just don’t know if it will be my number one. Persona series is the only current JRPG series that i am loving and i think they are doing a great job at it and i can’t wait to see what they do with persona 6 in the next 6 years lol.


One thought on “Persona 5 Is Not The Best Game Ever But Its Still Great

  1. It’s my fave game of the year thus far. Persona 4 was better for me because I like the characters more though.

    I agree the finale drags a bit. They probably could have shortened all the stuff that happens after the final palace.

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