Scum’s Wish – How I Wanted To Love This Anime

Wow I don’t know how to how to feel after watching scums wish. Well let’s start at the beginning I was excited to watch this anime because I heard this would be the kind of anime i like, dark and fucked up. So i finally got around to watch it and it had me excited. I was even thinking about reading the manga but I was more interested in watching the anime so I finally did and here are my thoughts.

After watching the first episode I thought something wasn’t clicking I didn’t know what, I was interested in the story but I just didn’t feel to binge watch each episode. So a few weeks later I watched the 2nd episode still not clicking with me but I thought holy shit this is fucked up, the sex stuff which plays a big part of this anime I was like WTF and sometimes thought is this going to turn into a hentai ?

So the next day I watch episode 3 because it is not an easy anime to watch and not the best anime to binge watch. Still some scenes are still shocking to watch but this anime is still not clicking with me and I start to think maybe this anime is one I don’t finish watching I just drop it. Also I start thinking it’s bad I’m just not getting anything out of this anime. Episode 4 is where I have some different thoughts. episode 4 is where I knew why this anime wasn’t clicking for me, it was the characters that were bad and horrible people. There is nothing you can like about these characters and this is why I couldn’t get into this anime there was no character I could hook into. Every character was horrible to each other these characters are fucked up.

Episode 5 is where it started to click with me and where it became a guilty pleasure for me. I started enjoy how horrible these characters are but also how fucked they are and how one character enjoyed being wanted by Boys and didn’t care who it hurt and another character was heading into that direction. I still hated the main 2 characters relationship something I really couldn’t get into and still couldn’t get into.

Episode 6,7,8 I just started enjoying this anime way more and found exploring these characters really interesting. Seeing the main character go down this dark path was also interesting to see. And where episode 8 left off I thought was interesting this cliffhanger where the anime could go a couple of ways. The anime revolves around a couple of teacher characters and one of them is just a horrible character and when you see her use all of the boys/men in this anime I was just in wow and even showing off what she can make them to do just was so fucked up to see.

Episode 9,10,11 made me feel something different it made me hate this anime, i was really liking it but it dawned on me these characters might be horrible people but also there really stupid and it just makes me hate this anime. There is one character that actually says you can cheat on me WTF???? What the hell am i watching ? lucky i only have one episode to go because i couldn’t do 24 episodes of this anime…. I don’t know what to say about this anime anymore.

Episode 12 was good and might have saved the whole anime for me, i like how the last episode resolved things and we sometimes don’t get that with anime so i’m happy about that. Some interesting conversation with characters and ended on the right point.

So overall i didn’t really enjoy this anime and it came down to the characters because they lived up to the titles name they were all scum in some way, they were horrible people but also some were stupid and just took me out of the anime. The anime had some interesting stuff from the editing style, to the themes it explored from sex to love, i loved the episode names. Also the music i loved, the outro song was amazing. But i can’t get past the characters, they ruined the anime for me which was a shame, i wanted to love this anime but in the end i was disappointed with it and now i’m going to pass on the manga… well onto the next anime.


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