My Journey Into Lupin The Third With Fujiko Mine

So i started my journey into lupin the third by watching my lupin the third anime called the woman called Fujiko Mine. I started with this anime because it looked the most interesting and people said you can start with this anime. With it being a 13 episodes long it wasn’t a big time investment so if i didn’t like it, i wasn’t investing a lot of time. I ended up loving loving This anime and now i want to watch more lupin the third and i intend to watch of the anime parts and movies on this series and i’m really excited about that.

I rate The Woman Called Fujiko Mine at the top and its one of the best anime’s i have watched it i ended up giving a 10 on MAL and i have not stopped thinking about it since watching it. its one of them anime that just really stood out to me. The art and animation is amazing was just amazing i love the art style and how it made the anime beautiful to watch. The colours stood out from flashback scenes or the bright colours it reminded me of how the colours were used in space dandy.

But i think i love the most was the character of Fujiko Mine after watching the anime i knew i wanted to know more about this character. I loved how she was portrayed in the anime from the amazing Japanese voice actress who did an amazing job but the character from how show looked. she was beautiful, sexy and cute, she was naked a lot and something i wan not expecting but she didn’t feel any shame about being naked she was proud which was nice to see.  I now have a crush on this character i really fell in love with this character and cant wait to see how she is handled in other lupin the third anime’s. I love how she is the focus of the anime, its all about her and that was really interesting because we got to know from her backstory but what kind of person she is and why i got invested into her.

I also love the other characters like Lupin who just wants Fujiko and the samurai character, also a character with a magnum gun who was really interesting and how all these characters connect was interesting. the anime had its serious moments and its fun moments and i loved it. its anime i will be rewatching in the future and one that has made me go down the rabbit hole of lupin the third we will see what happens but expect some posts when i check out more lupin the third.


My Love For The Metal Gear Solid Series

Recently Metal Gear Solid had its 30th anniversary and it’s a series that means a lot to me. A series i really love and grew up. I’m not including the original metal gear games because i never played them. So i just wanted to write something about it.

For me Metal Gear Solid started back on the playstation one, i always got the playstation magazine with a demo disc (remember them ?) and one of them had a metal gear solid game i new nothing about it. So i played the demo and its was the the first part of the game where you have to get to the elevator and that’s all it was and i loved it. So when the game came out i ended up renting the game from a video store because i didn’t own many video games i rented a lot of video games back in the playstation one days. I just loved everything about what i played, i loved the crazy story and out there characters i thought it was awesome. I ended up buying the game a few years later when it was really cheap and played it with my father and still loved this game, i loved snake and i loved learning about this character.

So when the ps2 was coming out there was this highlight reel being showed at a video game store that i went to every now and then. I remember one night going in there and they were showing it on the tv and had madden which looked awesome and then Metal Gear Solid 2 came out and looked amazing and i knew i wanted a playstation 2 because of that. So i ended up getting a playstation 2 for christmas and when MGS2 came out i didn’t end up buying it because i was still in high school and i was broke but my dad’s friends had it and let me borrow it and i loved it. I think i finished it in 7 days and it was the first ps2 game i finished. It was strange at first playing as raiden but when snake appears that was awesome. The ending was like WTF but still loved that game. then at the end of my high school days MGS 3 was coming out i was super excited because it was a chance for me to play video games again because i was spending less time playing video games and more time trying to pass exams. So MGS3 came out and i was excited i got it the night it launched, got the steelbook edition and i played it and it was great, this time playing as big boss a character i have always been interested in and playing his origin story i just thought it was awesome. Also see other characters appear from the series was great as well. This game took me a bit to play but i love the stuff they added in the game with the survival stuff. It made me happy to play and was one of the ps2 games that i loved.

So the PS3 was out and i was excited for the next metal gear solid game. Metal Gear Solid 4 kept on getting delayed but when it finally came out i was so happy i remember spending the next 3 days just playing it and nothing else and was the first ps3 game i replayed. I loved MGS4 it is still my 2nd favorite Metal Gear game i just love the story of old snake and this is the end of his story, the conclusion which i loved. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the spin offs like the raiden one which i didn’t really like or the psp/vita games.

Then there was phantom pain which has a very interesting story to it. This was announced in mystery which was interesting but a kojima thing but when they announced we would be getting ground zeroes before we got phantom pain, that was interesting. So ground zeroes should have been the first clue something was wrong at the studio because it felt like a prologue or demo and we payed full price for it and now thinking about was a rip off. So when phantom pain came out i was excited a new metal gear solid game and with one of my favorite characters big boss. This might be my favorite metal gear game. You have an amazing soundtrack, open world gameplay, a very interesting story and just a great metal gear solid story and a great ending. As much i loved the game the online part of the game felt off to me. Then the stories came out about how kojima and his team was being treated, it was really disgusting to read and why he has his own studio and is making death stranding now. But for me when kojima couldn’t accept an award at the games award show just showed me what konami really thinks of gamers and its staff and why i will never support any game from them.

When i thought metal gear solid was dead konami announce a new game called metal gear survive and it’s just pissing on the metal gear solid grave and it’s just sad to me. It just looks like a left for dead clone and a game i will not play or buy. I just hate what konami a doing with metal gear solid now and i know they will keep doing it because they can make money off it. Looking at metal gear solid now is sad but for this is where i say goodbye to metal gear solid i have loved this video game series and gave me some great memories but it’s not a series i love anymore.

-Thanks For Reading

Life Is Strange Has A Great Video Game Soundtrack

So i recently finished the life is strange and I really enjoyed it but the soundtrack really stood out to me. The soundtrack to me feels like a teenagers girl mixtape and with the game focusing on teenagers this is the perfect soundtrack for the game. This could be my fave video game soundtrack, the indie bands and songs used is perfect use for the game.

The music used in the game just works from the first scene when you are walking down the school hallway with your headphone in your ears and the music playing I loved this scene and the music makes it amazing. They use the music at the right times from great scenes to emotional scenes going on in the game. Like the ending which has this funeral for a main character and it’s very emotional but you have a song from soundtrack playing and it just makes you feel for the characters.

Overall the soundtrack is amazing with the game and without the game. They have picked great songs that work with the video game and feel these characters would listen to these songs. It depends on your taste but I even went out and looked up the soundtrack and started listening to it out of the game. I think they put so much effort in and it’s good to see video game soundtracks turn out amazing I hope more video games do this.