Life Is Strange Has A Great Video Game Soundtrack

So i recently finished the life is strange and I really enjoyed it but the soundtrack really stood out to me. The soundtrack to me feels like a teenagers girl mixtape and with the game focusing on teenagers this is the perfect soundtrack for the game. This could be my fave video game soundtrack, the indie bands and songs used is perfect use for the game.

The music used in the game just works from the first scene when you are walking down the school hallway with your headphone in your ears and the music playing I loved this scene and the music makes it amazing. They use the music at the right times from great scenes to emotional scenes going on in the game. Like the ending which has this funeral for a main character and it’s very emotional but you have a song from soundtrack playing and it just makes you feel for the characters.

Overall the soundtrack is amazing with the game and without the game. They have picked great songs that work with the video game and feel these characters would listen to these songs. It depends on your taste but I even went out and looked up the soundtrack and started listening to it out of the game. I think they put so much effort in and it’s good to see video game soundtracks turn out amazing I hope more video games do this.


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