My Journey Into Lupin The Third With Fujiko Mine

So i started my journey into lupin the third by watching my lupin the third anime called the woman called Fujiko Mine. I started with this anime because it looked the most interesting and people said you can start with this anime. With it being a 13 episodes long it wasn’t a big time investment so if i didn’t like it, i wasn’t investing a lot of time. I ended up loving loving This anime and now i want to watch more lupin the third and i intend to watch of the anime parts and movies on this series and i’m really excited about that.

I rate The Woman Called Fujiko Mine at the top and its one of the best anime’s i have watched it i ended up giving a 10 on MAL and i have not stopped thinking about it since watching it. its one of them anime that just really stood out to me. The art and animation is amazing was just amazing i love the art style and how it made the anime beautiful to watch. The colours stood out from flashback scenes or the bright colours it reminded me of how the colours were used in space dandy.

But i think i love the most was the character of Fujiko Mine after watching the anime i knew i wanted to know more about this character. I loved how she was portrayed in the anime from the amazing Japanese voice actress who did an amazing job but the character from how show looked. she was beautiful, sexy and cute, she was naked a lot and something i wan not expecting but she didn’t feel any shame about being naked she was proud which was nice to see.  I now have a crush on this character i really fell in love with this character and cant wait to see how she is handled in other lupin the third anime’s. I love how she is the focus of the anime, its all about her and that was really interesting because we got to know from her backstory but what kind of person she is and why i got invested into her.

I also love the other characters like Lupin who just wants Fujiko and the samurai character, also a character with a magnum gun who was really interesting and how all these characters connect was interesting. the anime had its serious moments and its fun moments and i loved it. its anime i will be rewatching in the future and one that has made me go down the rabbit hole of lupin the third we will see what happens but expect some posts when i check out more lupin the third.


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