Things I Love About The End Of Evangelion

I recently rewatched The End Of Evangelion because i bought it on dvd and its been a few years since i last watched it. i still love the movie and still love how its an ending to the series. So i wanted to write about it, so i came up with some things that i loved from the movie.

1.The Opening Scene

That first scene is so fucked up and even Shinji says that but seeing Shinji standing next to a hospital bed with Askua in it is a powerful moment but then he does something fucked up and all he can say is “I’m so fucked up” its a great moment but also fucked up but its just sets up what this movie/ending is going to be, which is why i really like this first scene of the movie.

2.The Train Scene

One of the most interesting scenes in this anime movie and it explores shinji how he is feeling but dealing with some deep issues. It is just an amazing scene to see this kid who is not very open about his feeling just say things how he feels and how its all done on a train in a dream kind of scene was really done well. Also seeing characters from the anime just pop up in this scene is great.

3.Shinji’s Choice

I think its something special how Shinji  has to make the choice to save all of humanity or destroy all humanity. the kid that is depressed, that doesn’t have a lot of hope in humanity and by this movie has given up on life, its a very interesting choice. rewatching its very interesting how he makes his choice and how it leads to the last scene.

4.The Last Scene

That last scenes means so much to people that love Evangelion but how it still impacts me after watching it after all these years. just seeing Shinji choking out Askua and then Shinji lays next to her with Askua saying “How Disgusting” and thats how this movie ends, its ends in a very interesting way, i always thought that and still does but i do love the ending.

5. The Theme Of Being Alone

The whole series deals with being a lone and the movie does as well. because you look at the characters and how they feel alone by the end of the movie even before some of there deaths these characters are alone and the feeling of loneliness is part of them. Thats why a big theme of the series. You look at Askua when she is in the Eva or Shinji during the attack on Nerv, all these characters are alone and during the series they always feel alone even if people around them. i just love how they used being alone/ loneliness theme in this anime.

I still love this anime and after watching this movie i had to sit back for a bit and just think about it because this movie made me feel depressed. the feelings this anime gave me is why i love this movie and this series, not a lot of anime can do that but Evangelion can touch me and give that feelings, Thats why i love this series and thats why the movie is special.


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