Thoughts On The New Pokemon Movie

So i watched the new pokemon movie i choose you and i really enjoyed my time seeing it on the big screen. It was cool to get a pokemon card so it was just a fun experience. I was kinds worried because the audience was kids and i thought there would be some yelling or crying but they were all good and one of the better experiences i have had when watching a movie aimed at kids.

So movie was a lot of fun i still think there first movie is still my favorite pokemon movie and i haven’t seen every pokemon movie but something i would like to do one day. This pokemon movie was full of nostalgia, once the theme song hit was on board 100% of this movie. The one thing i loved about this movie was the story it’s basically a retelling of the first few episodes of the first season of pokemon but with some changes and what if ash went after the mystery bird pokemon in the sky and it was so cool to see this story play out. Also i just love how the movie looks from the art and animation it just looks great, it’s not in the style of sun and moon which makes sense but it still looks good.

At first i found it weird that this movie didn’t have brock and misty but 2 new characters but i liked how we got to know 2 different characters. Also i didn’t expect this movie to have me tears but it did, it has some sad moments that got to me like seeing a pokemon trainer treating there pokemon like shit. Also seeing the retelling of the episode of charmander being abandoned was interesting to see again and it’s still very sad. Pikachu is still great and has some special moments in this movie and one very really interesting moment at the end which i never expected to see.

The pokemon battles look great in this movie Its got a great and art style is really modern and makes the episodes there retelling look great. That makes the pokemon battles look great and they look great on the big screen. The locations also just look great in this movie and would love to see more movies in this style.

Overall it was a great pokemon movie nostalgia really helps this movie and why i really like so if you didn’t grow up with that i don’t know what you would get out of this movie. I had a lot of fun ands was worth seeing on the big screen and i really hope they do movies like this going forward but the first movie is still my favorite pokemon movie.


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