Things I Love About The End Of Evangelion

I recently rewatched The End Of Evangelion because i bought it on dvd and its been a few years since i last watched it. i still love the movie and still love how its an ending to the series. So i wanted to write about it, so i came up with some things that i... Continue Reading →


E3 2017: 10 Games That Excite Me

So the big E3 shows happened and the big game publishers showed off their games and this is something i watch live every year, even though time zones suck. So this year i think E3 wasn't the greatest compared to other years i think everyone played it say and they were fine and they were... Continue Reading →

Paranoia Agent Thoughts/Review

So I have been working my way through the anime on my list and finally got around to watch paranoia agent which I have had for the last 5 years. The anime focuses on different characters who get attacked by a character called LIl slugger. Some detectives start to investigate to find out what is... Continue Reading →

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