My Top 10 RPGS

I grew up on RPGS they were some of my favorite games when growing up on playstation one and 2 and really formed my taste in a lot of things. I recently read the latest issue of game informer which had their top 100 rpgs of all time and i thought it was an interesting list but i thought i would do my top 10 rpgs of all time.

10. Pokemon Red

Pokemon red was a big game for me and just made me love RPG games even more and just with the pokemon craze at the time it just made pokemon even more important and i still remember bring my gameboy to school and everyone playing pokemon red. Catching pokemon and training is the best thing but also very addicting thing to do.

9. Mass Effect 2

The best mass effect game in the series, 2 made me love the series. I loved the story and characters and the choices you made in the game and the universe they have created. It had a cool sci-fi story and exploring this universe was fun.

8. Ni No Kuni

This is a studio ghibli video game and it reminds me of watching a studio ghibli movie i just get the same feels and just loved everything about this game. I just love the art in the game and just reminded why i love RPG games.

7. Final fantasy 10

The first time final fantasy had voice acting and it was amazing, still one of my fave final fantasy games i really liked the characters but it also has a very interesting villain and world they have created.

6. Persona 4

The game that got me into the persona series and i just loved the gameplay from goinf to school then going to another world and fighting monsters which was so cool and had a mystery about that i just loved.

5. Dark cloud 2 (Also Known As Dark Chronicle)

I really couldn’t get into the first game but when the 2nd game came out i just fell in love it and it was thanks to the art style. It was a very different RPG game for the time but would like to see another game please ?

4. Final fantasy 8

This is the best final fantasy game made, it made me skip a lot of school because i rather play this game then do school work. I really was into the characters also the military theme it had was cool.

3. Pokemon gold

Still the best pokemon game i just love how they advanced things from pokemon red but with new pokemon to the added features made an even pokemon game. Also still has the best things from pokemon red.

2. The Witcher 3

This game surprised the fuck out of me and i have played all the dlc which is rare for me i loved this game and is one of my fave games. I loved the world and the story of the witcher 3 but everything else is amazing in this game. This is how i want a modern rpg game.

1. Persona 5

This is the JRPG game to come out since persona 4 and why i think persona series is now better than final fantasy to me and why i will always pick persona over final fantasy now. But i haven’t finished 5 and its still the best rpg of all time to me.


10 Best Female Characters From Anime

This is my list of the 10 best female characters from anime, i had to think about this list and the most interesting characters made the list.

  1. Reimi Sugimoto (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part  4)
  • So far in the 4 parts of Jojo’s, there haven’t been many stand out female characters but in part 4 one stood out and that was Reimi she was very interesting character from her introduction. She is a ghost from the bang and her relationship to the main bad villain of the series makes her very interesting and her look is so adorable with her pink hair. Also the last scene with her and Kira was amazing but when she leaves was a very touching moment.

  1. Mamimi Samejima (FLCL)
  • Mamimi is character i really like in FLCL from the first scene she is in from seeing her smoke and she is even my youtube picture. She has a history with the main character and his brother and she might like to light fires ? overall she is an interesting character and if she popped up season 2 i wouldn’t mind that.

  1. Olivier Mira Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood)
  • There is a lot of great female characters in FMA: Brotherhood but Olivier is the one they stood out to me, i love her relationship with her brother and i love the power she has in the military in this world. But she is a strong badass female also which i love but her look always stands out from the blonde hair to her thick lips. But her personality is cold and kind of love that and that makes her the best character from FMA: Brotherhood for me.

  1. Android 18  (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Android 18 is one of the more interesting characters in dragon ball z with her starting off as villain and becoming a mother and being with krillin. She is also strong and a badass, she just has this look where you get destroyed by her if you did the wrong thing but she has this cute look to her with her blonde hair. With super which i haven’t watched i hope she gets more moments to shine.

  1. Touka (tokyo ghoul)
  • Out of all the female characters from tokyo ghoul Touka is the baddest and she is just a badass she can fuck someone up. She also has this caring side of her with the main character and some of the other characters in the series. While she is training the main character, she has to go to school, works at a cafe also hunts humans when she is angry that makes her a interesting character also i’m only talking about season one of the anime because fuck season 2.

  1. Yuno (Future Diary)
  • Yuno is a fucking psycho and that’s what i love about her, she has this long pink hair with these caring eyes but when she snaps she turns into this psycho. That’s what i love about her character she is badass when she has a weapon in her hands. She is also a complex character when talking about her parents and she has a lot of twists and turns in her story and even though she is stalkerish, she does care about the main character, she loves him but she is fucking insane but that’s why i love this character.

  1. Kaori (Your Lie In April)
  • A character that doesn’t have an happy ending, she is this crazy cute violin player and she just wants the main character to play the piano again. While dealing with all this she starts to get sick and has to deal with a sickness while wanting to see this person play again and at the end she dies and it’s tragic but she is such a great character and moves everything forward with this story.

  1. Casca (Berserk)
  • Casca is such an interesting character, she has layers to her from being beautiful badass warrior to hating guts to falling in love with him to backstory of being saved by griffith and being raped by the person she respected the most in front of the man she loves. She has a tragic story where she just wants happiness. But with her being an interesting character she is also this badass warrior female surrounded by men and but won’t let any men help her fight. but maybe she is even stronger than the men around her. Casca is just one amazing character and why berserk is amazing.

  1. Misato Katsuragi (Evangelion)
  • There is a lot of interesting female characters in evangelion and they have all these issues but for me i have to give it Misato to having issues with the men in her life but also drinks and her place is messy and lives with a penguin. But she also cares about shinji even with his problems but she also looks good in the uniform she wears for nerv.

1.Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost In The Shell)

    • The major is one the best female characters ever in an anime, she was the first female character i saw in anime that mattered, that was important and was a badass with guns. To this  day a character that i still love she is this badass cyborg that has this interesting backstory and how she became a cyborg and fuck the live action movie changing that. The cyberpunk look of the major has always made her standout to me and i hope we get more of her in anime form one way or another. To me she has always been a badass with her guns and has always been awesome but her personality and sexuality is some of the most interesting things about her with her backstory and why i think she is the best female character in anime.

So that is my list of my 10 best female anime characters, it was fun so i might have to do a male one next.

10 Reasons Why I Would Buy A Switch


With details about the switch coming out soon and I have been interested because they have been saying the right things. If they get it right it could be the first Nintendo console I buy Day one, so here are my top 10 things to get me to buy a switch

The Price

The price has to be right, it has to be under $300 for me to make the purchase it has the be under this price maybe i can go $350 but the games are going to have to be killer on the consoles and it better have and amazing online service as well.

Pokemon A New RPG Game

I love Pokemon a new Pokemon game on the switch would make me buy a switch but a Pokemon rpg game would have me so excited. I don’t want sun or moon ported to me that is a waste of time and uninteresting to me but i think they will end up doing this which is a shame.

Tease For Upcoming Games

I need to know there a games coming out in the future so i need them to tease me with what upcoming games there will be even if its just name but a couple little teaser trailers would be nice and know i have games to be excited for.

Remakes Instead Of Ports

I don’t have a problem with ports but if every game is part or 90% of the games are port then that would make me less excited. I say port the best games from the Wii-u and remake older games from the Wii and even game cube would be a cool idea.

Fix There online service

I own a 3ds and there online service is a mess and to compete with the PS4 / Xbox one they need an upgrade there whole online service from playing games online to buying games on there online store.

A New Mario Game

I love Mario so to get a new Mario games is always must for a new Nintendo console so a new Mario game would be awesome but a remake of older Mario games would be cool even a Mario remake collection would be something that interest me.

Zelda launches Day One

Never been a Zelda fan but i have liked how the new Zelda game has looked and if that new game launches day one beside the switch its a must buy for me but if it doesn’t i think that will be a mistake for Nintendo.

Region Free

PS4 and Xbox one are region free its time for a Nintendo console to be region free it doesn’t make sense to lock your console and if they do it will kill the excitement for me.

A Spinoff Final Fantasy Game

I don’t need a port of the most recent final fantasy game on the switch but it would be cool instead i think there should be a final fantasy spinoff, i always found interest in the final fantasy spinoff games that go to Nintendo console like back in the game cube day so maybe they take a character from 15 and make a game about them.

A Bunch Of Indie Games

Like the PS4 / XBOX ONE they need some indie games to make there online service standout and some exclusive ones would really help push there online store and make me more interested i always like to play an indie game.

My Top 11 things of 2016

Its time to make a list of things i loved in 2016 since it was an interesting year i thought i would post this list here on my blog, these are in no order –

1. AMV’S

So in 2016 i rediscovered AMV’s and how good people can make them it started out with me watching some berserk ones and then i went to evangelion, and then i would just search for anime i was currently watching and find some awesome stuff. even found some good manga ones like goodnight punpun. so it was really good to re find AMV’s and one of the highlights for me.

also here are some ones to check out

2. Goodnight punpun and inio Asano

One of the best Manga’s i read in 2016 was goodnight punpun, this story spoke to me and i just thought it was amazing. it is a dark story but i can relate to a lot in the story but also the characters like his uncle. But the creator Inio Asano is also someone who i just went through his books in 2016 like a girl on the shore and Solanin and so many more but he became a faves of mine and someone who i just read now because i just love his stuff but goodnight punpun for me his his standout so far.

3. Simpsonwave

So i discovered Simpsonwave this year and wow i just fell in love from the editing to the vids and to the music used. there is some great stuff out there and there are some classics. i spent a lot of my time watching a lot of these vids.

here are some of my faves.

4. Diamond Is Unbreakable

The anime for Diamond Is Unbreakable is so good, i already loved the jojo’s anime but part 4 just made me love it more and i hope they we do get the other parts in anime form. from the animation, to the characters to the story i loved and kira just wow.

5. Youtubers

Found and started watching a lot of youtubers in 2016 that talked and did videos about anime and other stuff i liked and got say one them channels was Digibro i really like the way he talk about videos and how he edits his videos aswell but also like his 2nd channel were he talks about everything i watch a lot of his stuff. Also Kaptainkristian is another channel i found this year and really love the way he edits his video i really liked his video about Adult Swim but his FLCL video was great because i just watched the video when it just came out. Super Eyepatch Wolf  has become my fave youtuber also i love the way he edits his videos but also i love his series where he talks about a series you should read or watch i loved the Berserk video but the hunter x hunter made me go out and watch hunter x hunter.

6. Uncharted 4

I will admit with video games in 2016 were a really disappointment but there was a highlight here and there but the best game for me was uncharted 4. it was the only game in 2016 that i was excited for and it lived up to the hype. it felt like a great ending to the nathan drake story which i really liked.

7. Injury Reserve – FLOSS

one of the best albums i heard this year and it came out of no where and from the first Oh shit i was in love and have not stop listening it on spotify. bad boys 3 is another great song but the whole album is great. For me i love this kind of rap music the most insane rap music.

8. Flip Flappers

A great anime from this year and another one that came out of no where, when i saw some twitter compare it to a Studio Ghibli movie i knew i had to check it out and when i did i loved the first episode from the animation to the colors used i thought it was amazing with an interesting story.

9. Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition

Another amazing album but this felt so insane and crazy and i loved it so much that i ended up buying the vinyl and i only buy the vinyl for my fave albums. this is my first danny brown project i have listen and now i plan on listening to his past projects. i loved the songs downward spiral and pneumonia there some of the best songs on here.

10. Mob Psycho 100

I was interested in this anime after i knew this was from the one punch creator and after watching it, i loved it from the crazy and sketchy look to the animation and the colors they use and just a fun and funny story. i was really into this anime.

11. Yuri On Ice

I only watching this after it finished and after hearing how great it was so watched and i watched it in 2 days and wow i loved it from the perfect music and to the great animation do a really cool story. I had no interest in ice skating but they made it look so cool in this anime it was brilliant and i am excited for another season.

Other Stuff I Enjoyed

the boy and the best (Anime Movie)

berserk 2016 (Anime)

the last guardian (PS4 Game)

Pokemon Sun (3DS Game)

Triple 9 (Movie)

West World (TV Show)

Space Patrol Luluco (Anime)

Hitman (Ps4 Game)



My Top 10 Anime

since pokemon sun came out i havent had much time to write anything so i thought i would make a list on my top 10 anime.


10. Terror Of Resonance

– this is anime i only watched recently and i thought it was amazing that it made it on my list, for me this is everything i want in an anime a great story, interesting characters and an amazing soundtrack. the animation, art and colors all suit this anime and the story it tells just had me watching every episode not knowing what to expect.


9. Space Dandy

– So i clicked on this anime one day randomly and didn’t know what to expect but what i got was a really fun anime, one i was laughing because of the great writing but with the characters in what they gotten themselves up to. i loved the animation it felt like i was doing drugs and each episode just got better and better like the zombie episode being a highlight for me.

8. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

– I went into this anime with the hype people telling me that its amazing but after a few episodes i wasn’t really feeling it but after 6 or so episodes i started to love this anime i loved how over the top the characters were and the animation and Dio is just a great villain overall.

7. Death Note

– This was an anime i wanted to watch when i wasn’t even keeping up to sate with anime so when i got Netflix it was one of the first anime i watched on there and i just loved it like i knew i would i loved the story and the cat and mouse game L and Light play was just amazing. i even liked the 2nd part even though not many people like that part of Death Note.

6. Akira

– It was one of the first anime i ever watched without know what the hell was anime. I love akira its an awesome sci-fi story and one of the best anime movies out there. the changes from the manga are very interesting they make.

5. Your Lie In April

-the saddest anime i have watched it was amazing but just very sad to watch, them last couple of episodes killed me but i loved watching it. the music adds a lot to the anime but to the story, just incredible.

4. Berserk

– berserk is one of favorite things ever and the 90’s anime, the golden age arc movie and the recent anime series are all things i like and admit all of them have good things and bad things. the golden age arc movies are my fave adaption i think the movies tells the golden age movies the best and the last movie really got me, the eclipse stuff is so fucked up but i love berserk it made me feel so many thing while watching the movies.


– I watched this after a lot of people said this was great and once i knew people who worked on Evangelion worked on this i knew i was going to love this and i did. FLCL is so much fun and has some interesting characters but at the same time its just crazy also one of the best soundtracks.

2. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

-I watched the original anime and brotherhood back to back and oh my i became a big FMA fan and brotherhood become one of the best anime i have watched and i just loved the story but the relationship between the 2 brothers were awesome and something i loved watching even though this show was a lot of fun but it also had some sad moments.

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion

– After watching EVA i knew i was a anime fan, EVA was the first anime i watched week to week and i knew i couldn’t miss an episode. an anime that had great characters and amazing story which had big fucking robots but was more about the characters inside the robots and these characters were dealing with a lot of shit and i loved that. my favorite anime.