Black Lagoon Thoughts/Review

So i made a list of all the anime i need to watch, so with me going through the list i thought after watching an anime from the list i would write about it and today we are going to start with black lagoon. So Black Lagoon the anime is amazing, last year i read... Continue Reading →

Quick Thoughts: Your Name

I really like Your Name, i watched it the other night i can say it was really good. Went in not expecting much after the hype but i think i even enjoyed more because of that, a very beautiful movie to look at. I loved the characters and the story it tole it was so... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 RPGS

I grew up on RPGS they were some of my favorite games when growing up on playstation one and 2 and really formed my taste in a lot of things. I recently read the latest issue of game informer which had their top 100 rpgs of all time and i thought it was an interesting... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Wolverine…

The wolverine in the x-men movies is always the best thing about the movies. The solo x-men movies have been with hit and miss but with Logan this was the best x-men movie. But with this being Hugh Jackman’s last time as wolverine i just want to write about him as being wolverine. Hugh Jackman... Continue Reading →

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