2018 Video Games I’m Excited For

2017 was a great year for video games with games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Hellblade, Uncharted Lost Legacy, Nier Automata, Persona 5 and more. 2018 even looks better starting with God Of War a game I can’t wait for this game and the game I’m most excited for in 2018. I love Kratos and by everything i have seen i love the change in Kratos and i can’t wait to see where this story takes him. Also i think it’s the perfect time to bring back the series. Then there is Far Cry 5 so at first i wasn’t sure because i didn’t love 4 after loving 3. But the more i see the more i am loving the hell out of this game. It seems like they have made some interesting changes and going to a city location could be interesting so yeah i’m on board.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally coming out in 2018 and i’m excited for it. I loved the first game so i cant wait to see what Rockstar does with the sequel. That soundtrack was amazing to the first game so i want another great western soundtrack. Sounds like it will be a prequel that could be interesting. The JRPG i’m most excited for is Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom because I really liked the first game and if they just improve on that this game is going to be amazing and it looks like it will be. Shadow Of The Colossus is coming out for the PS4 in a remake and it looks so good for a game that came out on the ps2. Maybe I can finally complete it this time. Then there is Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes which I hope comes out in 2018 and I’m really excited for it. I really like the series and i just hope its weird and crazy like the previous games.

We Happy Few is one I’m excited for since it has a Bioshock feel to it and it just looks interesting overall. Ghost Of Tsushima is one I’m really hoping comes out in 2018. The reveal trailer makes this game looks amazing and it’s by Sucker Punch who I love and it’s a BLOODY!!!! Samurai game, yeah it’s a must for me. Bayonetta a series I have never got into so with the re release on the switch that’s going to change and with 3rd one also on the way so yeah I’m excited. The World Ends With You is also coming onto to the switch and I’m so excited for this because I never got around to playing it on the DS but now its going be on the switch this should be awesome. Also Fear Effect Reinvented should come out in 2018 I hope. I love the Fear Effect games and I’m hoping this remake will be great as the first game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 says it’s coming out in 2018 but I will believe it when I have the game in my hands. Excited for but I don’t think it will come out this year. Also Death Stranding is not coming out this year, it’s a Kojima game. Also The Last Of Us Part 2 is a game I don’t think will come out this year I think it will come out in 2019 but I’m hyped as fuck for it. Cyberpunk 2077 is game I would love to see in 2018 but I don’t think it comes out if we see a trailer this year I think it will be a 2019 game.

Metal Gear Survive comes out this year and that’s going to be the worst game, fuck that game. So that’s list of games I’m hyped for in 2018 I think it’s going to be another good year for games and I’m sure we will get some surprises this year and E3 should be interesting. And Xbox still hasn’t given me a reason to buy a Xbox one.


How To Bring Back An Older Series

Recently with cartoons, Video games, Movies and even anime they have been bring back older series to either reboot or add a sequel. Most of the time they are bad you look at how much they fucked up bring back the power puff girls even though it is popular. They brought back Evangelion with the rebulid movies which are okay. But with samurai jack we got shown how you bring back a series and with the recent release of Hey Arnold the jungle movie (Check Out My Review) they are getting things right.

Why i think the Hey Arnold the jungle movie works is because they brought the original creator, the man who made the tv show a hit back in the day and you compare that with power puff girls new tv show where they didn’t bring the original creator back but didn’t even bring the original voice actors back, i wonder why original fans don’t like i. Also we don’t know if Hey Arnold is coming back for a new tv show. I hope it doesn’t but they brought it back for a movie first and this could work as a test to see if people really want it back. Also what do these old cartoons have to say now you look at Hey Arnold the jungle movie and it came back to conclude story plots from the tv show but you look at the power puffs girls it was a reboot and didn’t just have anything new or old to say. Hey Arnold made it modern but didnt overuse it where some of these shows that do come back or reboot they over use modern stuff like phones or make these modern things part of the tv show.

I think Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie and the recent season of Samurai Jack are the perfect way to bring back these old cartoons. And if more of these old cartoons do this then i will be happy. Also im excited for Invader Zim, Rocko’s Modern Life and others but there is some i am still worries about like FLCL 2, Jumanji movie and others. I just hope we stay away from stuff like the Power Puff Girls new tv show and keep going the way with what Hey Arnold did.

Thoughts On The New Pokemon Movie

So i watched the new pokemon movie i choose you and i really enjoyed my time seeing it on the big screen. It was cool to get a pokemon card so it was just a fun experience. I was kinds worried because the audience was kids and i thought there would be some yelling or crying but they were all good and one of the better experiences i have had when watching a movie aimed at kids.

So movie was a lot of fun i still think there first movie is still my favorite pokemon movie and i haven’t seen every pokemon movie but something i would like to do one day. This pokemon movie was full of nostalgia, once the theme song hit was on board 100% of this movie. The one thing i loved about this movie was the story it’s basically a retelling of the first few episodes of the first season of pokemon but with some changes and what if ash went after the mystery bird pokemon in the sky and it was so cool to see this story play out. Also i just love how the movie looks from the art and animation it just looks great, it’s not in the style of sun and moon which makes sense but it still looks good.

At first i found it weird that this movie didn’t have brock and misty but 2 new characters but i liked how we got to know 2 different characters. Also i didn’t expect this movie to have me tears but it did, it has some sad moments that got to me like seeing a pokemon trainer treating there pokemon like shit. Also seeing the retelling of the episode of charmander being abandoned was interesting to see again and it’s still very sad. Pikachu is still great and has some special moments in this movie and one very really interesting moment at the end which i never expected to see.

The pokemon battles look great in this movie Its got a great and art style is really modern and makes the episodes there retelling look great. That makes the pokemon battles look great and they look great on the big screen. The locations also just look great in this movie and would love to see more movies in this style.

Overall it was a great pokemon movie nostalgia really helps this movie and why i really like so if you didn’t grow up with that i don’t know what you would get out of this movie. I had a lot of fun ands was worth seeing on the big screen and i really hope they do movies like this going forward but the first movie is still my favorite pokemon movie.

Some Thoughts On Thor Ragnarok

I recently saw the new thor movie and i got to say i really liked it. I had a lot of fun watching it. Recently i have become stale with comic book movies. I have no interest in Justice League but the marvel movies i always give a chance because most of the time they are fun so i was interested in the new thor movie. I thought the first thor movie was alright, 2nd movie wasn’t the greatest movie so i didn’t know where the thor movies were going. So with the new one i wasn’t really interested in but then the director was announced and i was like maybe this could be good because he made movies like What We Do In The Shadows (a great comedy about vampires) and Hunt for the Wilder people (such a funny movie) so i’m a fan so i had hope for the new thor movie. Then i saw the trailer and it looked fun so i was sold.

Thor Ragnarok was great i really enjoyed it was more of a comedy then an action movie and i liked that a lot. It was the best thor movie we have got and i just love the fun vibe it has and it reminds me of GOTG movies but i think i might enjoy this movie better then them but i would have to really think about it. The weakest thing about this movie is the Asgardian stuff and the best thing about this movie is a character called Korg i love this character he needs how own movie or netflix tv show, such a funny character. Hulk and thor team up was cool and there relationship was great but i also love loki’s reaction to hulk it was a great moment. Music is great like GOTG movies and the bright colours make this movie stand out to the rest of comic book movies these days and stand next to GOTG.

Jeff Goldblum was great in this i hope we see more of him in marvel movies he was such fun to watch. This movie has a great female villain, Suicide Squad this is how you do a female villain. The movie has some great action like hulk vs thor also the last act has some of the best action and when thor goes super saiyan it was great. Also great cameo from (Redacted) it makes sense and it was really cool.

Overall i really enjoyed this movie it was a better comic book movie and still gives me hope there can be good comic book movies. Also it show marvel still can make good movies in there world and this is one of their funniest movies. One i will rewatch in the future when it hits netflix and i hope Mr. Waititi returns and does more movies in the marvel universe because he can make fun movies and whatever he does next i’m sure i will be watching.

South Park The Fractured But Whole – The Funniest Game Of All Time

So i got the new South Park game and put a good 27 hours into and i wanted to write about how much i loved this game. I am a big fan of the south park series, i grew up on the tv series and loved stick of truth and i love this game even more.

I thought the story and set up was great, they are playing super heroes now. I love superheroes and seeing south park parody them is great. Also you have the kids at a civil war because they want their own movies and netflix series which is some funny ass shit. You return as the new kid but you now have to become a superhero to be part of the coon and friends, you even get your own back story and pick which class you want which is cool and you even get more the more you upgrade.

With it being south park all the regular characters are here but as there super hero personas from cartman as the coon, butter as professor chaos and others even have timmy as a professor x kind of character. you have some really cool cameos from other character who have made appearances on the show which is really cool and awesome for south park fans. Also the references from the tv show over the years is all over the game and i just love it and get so much out of it. It’s just cool opening someone’s wardrobe and seeing things from the tv show or seeing something mention from the tv show i just love little stuff like that.

In stick of truth they nailed the look of the game to look like a episode of south park but also how it felt like an episode of south park. The same with the new south park game, it nails it again and feels like it’s a true sequel to stick of truth. From the characters to exploring the world which i loved doing just makes it feel like you are really are in an episode of south park.

They have changed up gameplay a little bit with the combat going with a grid system which i like a lot more from the gameplay in stick of truth. The ultimate moves were amazing and something i just loved seeing, my favorite was butters and tweaks one. It is a reference to an episode of south park which i thought was funny and great to see in the game. Side Quests are great but i loved the craig and tweek subplot i thought that was cool and some of the other side stuff was cool from finding some japanese art which makes you explore more of the town. I just wish there was more to do in the town when you’re exploring and not doing the main story. Maybe some more side missions would have been awesome.

The little things really make this video game amazing from music from the tv show appear when you enter a shop or when kyle’s mom is a bitch plays when you battle her. Or when you play a mini game about a little gay fish. From some things that have happened to building or when you die, these little moments are amazing and just make this video game one of the best south park games.

South park the tv show is funny and offensive so is the video game so if you get easily offensive then don’t play this game. I laughed a lot during this game and sometimes i had to put the controller down because i was laughing to much.

Overall once again they nailed south park in a video game and it takes on the superhero genre and making fun of it. You have the marvel vs DC stuff happening on the internet happening in the game which just adds so much to this game. The gameplay of exploring the world i just had one of the best times playing this game. This game is one of the best games of 2017 and shows south park works in a video game. I am hoping we get a third game because of the teaser at the end of the game was something i would love to see in the future. I am happy we are getting these kind of south park games instead of the south park games we got back on the playstation one. Im hoping we see more quality adaptations in video games. This is a must play video game for any fan of south park warning you will laugh a lot at this game.

Anime Catch Up #1: Michiko And Hatchin/The Saga Of Tanya The Evil

Welcome to Anime Catch up where i watch and write about anime i have missed watching over the years old and new anime, i made the decision this year i don’t watch anime seasonally and i wait for it to be complete.There is a lot of anime i want to watch i have like 124 on my MAL that i plan to watch. I’m going to try and do this post these every 2 weeks, so let’s get into the first post.

Let’s start with Michiko And Hatchin it was an anime i bought in a sale and it’s from a director i am a big fan of Mrs. Yamamoto and to watch, one of her early anime i was very excited to watch this. I got to say i really i liked it, it felt very different with the setting in south america which i haven’t seen in an anime and was so cool to see. I really liked both main characters and their relationship grow. I have a big crush on Michiko from being a badass and to see her and Hatchin go towards their goal even with all the crap they go through was amazing. This anime just looks amazing and has some great action shots and the music i loved, just a great soundtrack overall. Also interesting characters from characters who just appear in 1 episode or villains who are a big focus of the anime and i got to say i really liked the ending and how it showed this character was really like a mother to this character. An anime i’m really glad i watched and i can see myself rewatching in the future and showed why i love Mrs. Yamamoto’s animes.

Next i watched The Saga Of Tanya The Evil and just wow i loved this anime. I watched the first episode when it premiered and i know i would love it so i waited for it to be completed and i finally got around to watching and this is the kind of anime i love watching. You have this psycho little girl commanding soldiers in a war like ww2 but with magic and i loved it. Also i loved the twist in episode 2 it just added so much to the anime. I love the character of this girl with her hating god for her own reasons and the action was amazing. but this anime looked amazing and the faces of Tanya were insane i loved seeing the psycho side of this girl and her face when she goes insane was something i loved. I’m not sure if i loved the ending because it kind of leaves off on a cliffhanger so i’m hoping for a season 2. I really loved this anime and i’m also a big fan of stories in war so that helped i’m hoping for more from the studio and this anime.

These are the anime i have watched in the last couple of weeks and i really enjoyed these. I am really loving watching older anime i have missed and finding hidden gems or classics and it just makes me less interested watching anime seasonally.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Review – The End Of The Worst Video Game Movie Series

I finally watched the last Resident evil movie part of this awful movie series. See i love the resident evil games, well most of them and i grew up with them and i still remembering seeing the first movie with my father. I think the first movie is alright but for me it just got worst and lost what i think makes the resident evil series. By the third movie the series just turned into an awful video game movie series but it wasn’t the great series to start off with. So after the third one i stopped watching them in the theater and just watched them because i loved the games. The recent movies are some of the worst movies ever. So i watched the new movie because i knew it was the last movie for sometime and i wanted to see how this movie series ends.

So i watched this movie and all i can say it was bad, this was was horrible and was such a bad way to the end this movie series which has turned into shit. The only thing i can stand in these movies is the action the action from the first action scene was bad. There was 2 cool action scenes in the whole movie. I did like how the movie goes all the way back to where the movie series started besides that the movie was just bad from the villain, doesn’t do anything different from the other movies. The twist predictable and wesker just isn’t Wesker but another bad villain. Also the look of the movie just makes it looks like a mad max rip off movie. I don’t have anything good to say about this movie, the movies are so forgettable that i thought i didn’t watch the movie before this so i had to look up a trailer to make sure i did. The story isn’t even interesting it’s the same story they have been telling in the whole movies series, it’s just sad and i hate this movie and i hate this movie series.

The director might be one of the worst things about this movie series. The director went from directing 2 of the best movies in the series and they were alright nothing amazing and then went to direct the crappy alien vs predator movie and some other shitty movies and when he couldn’t maker any other movies came back to make some shitty resident evil movies. He didn’t direct 2 of the resident evil movies but was still involved and they turned out to be shit. I think his involvement really hurt this movie series because each movie he just worse as a director and this latest movie you can tell he isn’t a great director.

Thats everything i want to say about this horrible movie. This whole movies series was so bad no wonder video game movies don’t get a fair shot in hollywood. This movies series if made the video games bad. Once the movies came out the video games went the action route which i hated and to me the games have never been about the action. I love the games for the survival horror and the movies didn’t even touch that. Im hoping this is the end of the movie series the director was responsible for most of the movies made these movies bad and he is meant to be making a monster hunter movie….i have no hope for that.