Quick Thoughts: Your Name

I really like Your Name, i watched it the other night i can say it was really good. Went in not expecting much after the hype but i think i even enjoyed more because of that, a very beautiful movie to look at. I loved the characters and the story it tole it was so... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 Anime

since pokemon sun came out i havent had much time to write anything so i thought i would make a list on my top 10 anime. 10. Terror Of Resonance - this is anime i only watched recently and i thought it was amazing that it made it on my list, for me this is... Continue Reading →

My Love For Berserk

So i read an article today about my favorite thing on earth Berserk and even though i liked some of the article a lot of it made me angry and i was going to to write a response to this article but it just made me to mad. So instead im going to write about... Continue Reading →

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